What Happens During a Viral Content Marketing Campaign?

viral-contentGenerally speaking, when a piece of content has successfully gone viral, ultimately we recognize this because it experiences widespread syndication and a tremendous amount of user engagement. In order to provide a particular piece of content with the best chance of going viral, we aim to get the maximum initial visibility by using certain PR techniques to get high profile placements on some of the most highly trafficked sites on the Internet.

If we have done our job correctly – and we always do – we will create a piece of compelling, shareable content. This content will receive decent PR placement, and this is often exactly what it needs in order to receive serious amounts of social sharing and widespread syndication. This is the hallmark of success with a viral campaign.

By tapping into a large audience of websites, we are capable of getting our content serious coverage on the Internet, and we can do so because these websites understand that the content we create possesses real value. With a big enough audience initially, the content can make it or break it by its own merits.

When we create content that we intend to go viral, we often see massive amounts of social sharing. A single post can receive as many as 100,000 likes or more.

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