What Does It Cost to Put a Successful Content Marketing Strategy in Place?

writing-teamDepending on your business objectives, Youth Noise can provide different levels of engagement in order to meet your needs. If you’re looking to secure fast results through aggressive tactics, you need to choose a higher level of engagement.

Minimum Engagement Recommendations

  • Fully inclusive $15,000 per month retainer.
  • Six months engagement that includes content creation, promotion, search engine optimization consulting and reporting.
  • Brainstorming and ideation: youth noise can assist you to help create in-house content at your business.
  • 30 to 60 day opt out clause: this is available for either party and will be executed if it is not a productive relationship.

Content Creation & Promotion on a Monthly Basis

Youth Noise will implement one or two campaigns each month, depending on depth and scope. Each campaign takes about 30 days for content creation and 30 days for promotion.

  • Each month Youth Noise will present you with ideation for your approval. Typically, ideation will consist of 10 or more unique concepts.
  • We will create content around your chosen concept. The scope will vary depending on the difficulty of execution, but each campaign will typically have one or two unique assets (i.e. infographics, motion graphics, original research, written long form content, surveys, parallax, etc.)
  • Using highly targeted digital outreach, we will promote your content effectively using warm pitch targets, previous targets as well as new targets in order to boost content dissemination. Our ability to procure placement with high authority publishers in your vertical makes this particularly effective.

Reporting & Meetings

  • Frequently, we focus most of our time on how content marketing will have an impact on rankings, campaign link portfolio and domain authority, revenue provided through search engine optimization efforts, high-caliber placements and the number secured, page views and social events per campaign.
  • We provide monthly link generation reporting. If given access to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, we can also share how each channel has improved through link acquisition, and this is something that we strongly suggest since it’s essential to help us determine success.
  • We will meet with your business twice a month to discuss projects and the progress we are making. When necessary, we can even add additional meetings to discuss ideation.
    The majority of our clients come in at the $15,000 retainer level, but we do have more aggressive larger clients that require additional content marketing tactics.

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