The Visual Impact

The way consumers use the internet continues to change. And if you want your business to remain successful, you need to evolve the way you capture people’s attention and get your message across. Most companies are now utilizing social networks to pull in revenue from target demographics. With viral marketing becoming the new black, online promotional videos are proving to be the preferred advertising tool to generate traffic and create new interest.

Fact – Consumers who watch promotional videos on websites are 64% more likely to purchase something online than those who don’t. And on average, people spend an additional 2 minutes on web pages that have promotional videos – increasing the opportunity for a transaction to take place.

Online video advertising is quickly proving to be the best medium to market business services and corporate locations on search engines, online directories, and internet yellow pages. And since 1 out of every 2 people take action after watching an online video advertisement, it’s no surprise the companies behind these digital communications tools are seeing increased sales and profitable campaign results.

So why wait until your competitors take all the new business by adding a web video to their marketing mix?

Youth Noise will help you create an attention grabbing promotional video for your products or services that is cost effective and generates results. Our team of professional web video producers develop engaging, memorable video presentations that help turn website visitors into paying customers.

Did you know?

  • Billions of hours are watched monthly on Youtube and other video websites
  • 90% of all web traffic is video content
  • 96% of shoppers who make online purchases have watched online videos.

Video Boosts Opportunity

Web video production costs are minimal compared to other types of direct advertising. And in today’s digital world, its good business sense to meet potential customers where they spend a lot of their time – on the web. So don’t just tell them why they should buy from you with text or images – show them with a professionally produced promotional video and create instant interest from your viewers.

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