A User Experience for Marketing

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With the great advancements and competition in the marketing world, including digital marketing, user experience proves to be an essentially increasing feature.

The term User experience has been widely used for website design and development justification as well as content decision and optimization of search engines. Responsive design, daily posts, blog creations and reduced download time are all good for user experience, data structure implementation for the best searcher experience. Generally, there exist a number of design fundamentals of user experience which greatly impact the marketers’ work, as discussed below:

Content is key: keywords must be included and placed in their proper context for the benefit of technology and the market participants. The used user experience facets should be measurable while the effectiveness of their findability should be test-determined. Use of formative and summative tests should allow measurement of their usability while accessibility should be both technology and human measurable. User experience honeycomb integrates the elements of the technique being desirable, valuable, findable and accessible, usable, useful and credible.

Most marketers view user experience as only about creation of attractive interfaces, not as a part of the broader experience and skills in the field. User experience is all about creating the right relationship between humans and technology by identification, design and development of the latter. It is good to understand that this relationship weakens with increase in technology levels and the resultant digital world disruption.

Marketing is not all about promotions and other aspects of attracting customers to like things. It rather touches on the products by producing exactly what people want through different product designs, irrespective of any available experience but rather by being more creative. Working in close proximity with digital marketers could help strengthen valuable intelligence campaigns and optimize search engine marketing activities.

User experience employs a combination of several research approaches. Usability is viewed as being different from user experience with usability, which is an attribute of quality, being part of the user experience. This technique advocates for marketing systems that are effective and efficient, learnable and memorizable with error handling aspects thus user satisfaction. The design should eliminate overwhelming and complicated navigation schemes and cluttered pages.

Findability aspect of the user experience: The system ought to provide users with easy way of finding/locating online contentment as desire raises, either by query searching, asking from the available social networks or browsing. Other findability aspects include labeling, refining, formatting, organizing teleporting, reading and scanning amongst others. Lack of experience or education in information architecture, human or computer interfaces, usability existence of search engine spam and spammers collectively spoil the industrial reputation.

Social web has already caused incredible marketing disruptions thus turning the digital market into a conversation and contribution management discipline. Consequently, marketing organizations have shifted to creating real value for their specific target customers. Thus, it is important to note that the discipline is solely about people and not technology.

In summary, trends and techniques for a producing a more attracting user experience are very dynamic. With the rise in the modern day interaction in the social networks, there are perfect opportunities for production of effective user experience. With user experience creation being a predetermined process, the development of the same has several elements of other production development. As a result, it is necessary to strictly follow each stage and acquire the right research and implementation for the same. Use of a positive user experience design, technology and content decision justification requires proper content reasoning presentation.

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