Local Vs Nationwide SEO

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Marketing requires attention to detail and an understanding of the demographics being targeted. Certain campaigns are going to be restricted to local audiences (i.e. towns and cities) while others are going to extend to the entire nation depending on the brand’s range and desired target market. Generally, larger brands focus on a nationwide campaign and small businesses restrict themselves to the area they are housed in. Let’s take a look at how this changes up the approach taken to SEO and the marketing being done for the business as a whole. It is essential to compare local vs nationwide SEO to get a better understanding of which approach is best suited for your business and if the SEO company your hire is up for the task.

Emphasis On Using Location Indicators

Local SEO is built on the premise of using location indicators. This could include the city name, zip code, famous attractions in the city, and other related information locals can jive with. This is where a lot of personalization can be done for the SEO campaign being run.

Nationwide Targets Broader Keywords

Nationwide campaigns are going to be targeting broad keywords and not personalizing their approach as much. The goal is to hit all of the major keywords a person from any part of the nation would search up in Google and/or related search engines.

Aggressive Campaigns Are Reserved For Nationwide Campaigns

Nationwide campaigns tend to be done on a larger scale due to the competition for the keywords. Imagine being one of two bakeries in a city, now imagine you are competing with multiple big budget bakeries all at once. The former option seems easier doesn’t it?

This is why nationwide SEO tends to require further focus, a bigger budget, and aggressive campaigning to see results. Anything else in such a situation is not going to suffice and the business is going to lag behind. It is imperative to sit down and put together a plan in accordance with these needs and remain aggressive.

Importance Given To Personalized With Local SEO

This is another factor often seen with local SEO and should be taken into account. The demographic being targeted is narrow and, therefore, the business has more to work with online. How is this possible? There is a lot more personalization that can be done in accordance with where the business is housed, local interests, and other related information. It is easier to connect with people and this can help the site rank in major search engines.

These are the difference between the two types of SEO and many times the similarities can lead to ignorance in one’s approach. It is essential to sit down and map together a reasonable campaign based on expectations rather than wasting time with an approach that is not going to cut it for the market being targeted. Attention to detail is essential and the crafting of a campaign is always going to begin by pinpointing the target market and moving forward from there. This can also have an impact on the budgeting as well, which should be kept in mind at all times.

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