The History Of SEO Penalties – And How You Can Learn From It

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Search engine optimization has been important to the health of websites for a very long time. It is difficult to make a successful website if it is not showing up in search engines.

Some people have tried to game the system so that their sites would shoot to the top of search engine rankings. While this occasionally brought site-owners short-term success, it eventually leads to SEO penalties.

Anyone that owns a website should be aware of the history of SEO penalties. When you look closely at these penalties and why they were handed out, you will see that there is a lot you can learn about proper search engine optimization.

Bad Links

Search engines look at some factors when they are trying to determine how to rank a website. One of the things they consider is “backlinks.” They look at how many sites link back to a specific site. If numerous sites are linking out to a website, the search engines will assume that the website meets a high level of quality.

Many site owners have tried to exploit this. They have bought thousands of cheap backlinks for next to nothing and then waited for the traffic to roll in. Great SEO Agencies, like Bradford Crabtree, can help you avoid and even remove SEO penalties. However, get stuck with the wrong company and your site could be headed for the de-indexed list.

However, search engines can see the sites that are linking out to other websites. If a site has a high number of bad links, that site will not see its search rankings rise. Instead, the site’s rankings will plummet.

Search Engine Penalties

Hidden Links

Some sites have tried to conceal various links from the general public. Site owners know that search engines are not able to “see” a site the way a person does. Some designers hide tens or even hundreds of links in their CSS or Javascript coding.

Search engines have adapted and learned how to spot these hidden links. If site owners try to hide links to trick search engines, they will usually be hit with some SEO penalty.

Excessive Downtime

It is normal for sites to experience downtime every once in a while. Even the biggest sites on the internet, like Facebook, have experienced periods of downtime.

No site will be penalized if the site goes down every once in a while. However, if a site is down all the time, that site’s search rankings will fall.

It is vitally important for site owners to make sure they have enough bandwidth the support the level of traffic that they receive. If their site is always failing to load in, their site will eventually fail to show up in searches.

Spun Content

Producing a consistent content is an excellent way to bring up your search rankings. When a site updates regularly, it will be crawled by search engines more frequently. Also, the site will be able to include a wider variety of keywords.

Creating content takes much work. Some site owners have tried to circumvent that by “spinning” content. They take original content and then have it altered slightly before they post it again.

Search engines have gotten much better at detecting spun content. When they see this sort of content being regularly used on a website, that website will be hit with a penalty.

If you want to reap the benefits of original content, you are going to have to create original content.

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are one of an essential component of SEO. Including keywords in your content is one of the best ways to ensure that readers will be able to find your site.

Search engines do not have a problem with keyword content. However, they do have an issue with content that is overloaded with keywords.

When you use keywords, you need to use them in a natural way. If you force keywords into your content, it is possible that an SEO penalty will be forced upon you.

When you look at the history of SEO penalties, you will notice a common theme. The majority of penalties exist because people have tried to trick search engines.

If you want to attract search traffic to your site, you should focus on creating high-quality content. Avoid cheap tricks; these sorts of cheats could wind up harming your site in the long run.

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