How To Inspire Motivation

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Motivating somebody to the point where they will get out, take action, and make a difference in their lives isn’t exactly a simple task. It requires consideration, the right approach and inspiration. The following tactics, or suggestions if you will, form a very good basis for reaching this goal.

1. Show You Care

The best place to start when you want to motivate somebody is to show you genuinely care. They have to know for a fact that you aren’t serving your own personal agenda. Instead, you are completely focused on helping them bring a much needed change into their lives. If you don’t care you are not going to motivate anyone.

2. Show Enthusiasm

Just like whistling and laughing, enthusiasm is very contagious. When you communicate with the person you are trying to motivate then stay as enthusiastic as possible. Your energy will naturally catch on and help the motivational process.

3. Emphasize The Reward

It doesn’t matter what the situation might be, there is always a reward at the end. Whether a person will be leading a healthier lifestyle, quit smoking or get a raise, there is a bigger picture to always use as a focus point. Remind the person of this reward on a constant basis and let their perspective remain on the bigger picture.

4. Give Compliments

There are few things in life that are as motivating as compliments. Telling a person how good they are and what makes them unique is part of the foundation for inspiration. Find their strengths and let it overshadow their weaknesses completely.

5. Focus On Their Feelings

Even though rewards are great motivators, everything comes down to feelings. The great saying that you can only help a person who wants to be helped still rings true after all this time. Use their feelings to drive them into the direction of change and really make it personal.

6. Be An Example

The most inspirational people aren’t the ones that relate stories of other great individuals. It’s those who practice what they preach. If you want to work up inspiration in somebody then they’ve got to see motivation in your life. Apart from just gaining their respect, you’ll gain their attention.

7. Present A Challenge

The Google company has a policy where they allow employees to do whatever they want one day of the week. In other words, they can put their creativity and ideas to work, as long as it’s work related. Presenting somebody with a challenge that will see them pushing themselves on an exciting level is a proven method that always works.

8. Set Specific Goals

Last but not least, help the individual to set specific goals with deadlines and everything that goes with it. This will provide a little pressure with the motivation and results will come much sooner.

A Last Thought

Earn a person’s respect and trust before trying to motivate them, otherwise they won’t take you seriously. Once they allow you to influence them the possibilities are endless.

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