SEO Mistakes That You Can’t Afford To Yourself Anymore

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Today, when most of the marketing strategies are employed online, every company needs a good web development, whose most important element is search engine optimization.  This is basically an inexpensive and pretty easy way to increase your site’s traffic and to build a strong customer base. Although SEO basics are quite simple, there is still plenty of room for mistakes, even if you consider yourself to be an expert. If you don’t do it correctly, you can end up harming your Google rankings and even get penalized. The thing is that there is a large number of SEO strategies and not all of them are equally relevant. The internet is like a living organism, it changes every year and makes some of those strategies outdated. No matter if your SEO strategies are outdated or if they were wrong from the beginning, it’s time to repair your mistakes and to get back on track.

  • Precision over numbers

One of the main tools of search engine optimization are the keywords. At the beginning, use of keywords was done on the ‛the more the merrier’ principle, but today it’s more about the precision than about the number of those keywords. Stuffing your content with keywords will produce quite the opposite effect – you’ll increase the chance of your website being overlooked by Google. Especially if you try to fit them unnaturally into the content. You can use Google analytics tools to check if your keywords fit into the text. Just like humans, Google also likes when content is natural and readable.  If your website got penalized, Dsquad can help you from Google penalty recovery Of course, your users are always in the first place and they should be given what they want, but also give reason to search engines to rank your site high.

  • Mechanical eyes

Besides keywords, another way that Google can ‛see’ your website and its links is through meta tags and descriptions. If you don’t use them on your website your content won’t be indexed properly and as a result, Google won’t be able to connect your site with the customers that are looking for your services or products. While this is a basic thing and seems obvious, most people are not aware that images need descriptions, too. Everything needs to have a relevant title containing an approximate keyword, but it’s also helpful to have alternative text description containing more keyword phrases that are relevant.

  • Keep paths open

Everybody is familiar with the feeling of frustration when a promising link leads you to a disappointing ‛page not found’ words. This happens when you have broken links and it literally shatters the user experience of your website which is, no need to mention, one of the most sensitive areas when it comes to Google ranking. Your website should be an interactive playground for your users where they can explore freely, so you need to make sure there are not any blind alleys.

  • Need for speed

It’s important to keep in mind that your customers are constantly on the move. If your web pages need to much time to load they will immediately switch them off and visit another one with faster internet connections. It is proven in research that optional loading time of a page mustn’t be more than three seconds. That’s how much time you have to keep users engaged and interested in your content. Speed is usually connected with the quality of the content that allows your pages to load quickly. You should have frequent tests of your website and keep track of the performance. You should also pay attention to mobile site optimization because loading time is different then on the desktop.

  • The quality

No matter if you’re buying or producing your own content, if it turns out it’s low-quality don’t even bother putting it on your website. It is similar to the keywords problem – quantity mustn’t go before quality. Don’t hire cheap freelancers to write your content because you’ll get what you’ve paid for: in most cases – nothing. Your content needs to demonstrate subject knowledge and expertise. This also goes for your video marketing campaign, your blog or other multimedia. Most companies hire content writers, so it’s important to hire the firm with the good reputation that deals with the complete process of optimization, like SEO by GWM.

  • Make your priorities – the conclusion

Planning the best way to accomplish everything on an SEO task list can sometimes seem impossible. Google takes into consideration more than 200 factors when it comes to ranking and they all might seem important. But the truth is that they’re not because they are not all equal. You probably won’t be able to complete all SEO tasks, especially if your team is small and budget not much bigger. But that’s okay, you just need to prioritize the tasks. Always remember that precision and quality come before quantity, test your site’s speed all the time and keep the paths open.

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