Real Time Bidding Services: An Expert’s Overview

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Why Real-Time Bidding is Set to Become Huge

Real-time bidding or RTB is very popular in the digital marketing space nowadays. The interest and excitement on this ground breaking way of running display campaigns can be compared to where PPC was less than a decade ago.

Advertisers joining the RTB space are only looking to go massive as more companies are investing in the RTB business.

There are two things that RTB emphasizes on and that are the auction and the targeting capabilities. By comparing programmatic buying and traditional display we will be able to understand why these features are extremely important.

Negotiating with publishers and buying an advertising space is what traditional display focuses on. By doing this you can guarantee visibility of your ads for a specific date range or number of impressions. Basing on predicted audience and content, advertisers choose websites to launch a campaign but is likely not flexible for optimization once agreed and launched giving a relatively high chance of wasted spend on impressions.

Programmatic buying on the other hand allows display inventory to be released to auction. This gives the advertisers the option to purchase ad inventory basing on audience targeting that are highly qualified. They are also allowed to bid on available impressions only when it matches their targeting method.

Advertisers can be more effective in spending their budgets as well as be precise in their targeting with the option to bid for inventory only when the right audience is available. It takes 100 milliseconds for the whole process of a user visiting a website to an advertiser.

Advertisers who have not been effectively spending their advertising budgets can benefit massively on the speed and accuracy that real-time bidding model provides.

Optimization, Also in Real-Time

The benefit of getting an auction to take place within 100 milliseconds is one of the most exciting and most talked about benefit of real-time bidding, however what really allows advertiser’s budgets to go the distance is the process which takes place after RTB display campaigns are launched.

Campaign managers are the ones who can ensure that the return on the investment is reached even though demand-side platforms allow highly targeted campaigns.

Advertisers are given the chance to see real improvements in campaign performance really fast as the option for real-time data from this campaign allows optimization from the day it is launched.

Basing on a two week RTB campaign for a client we have improved their click-through rate by 6.5x which is very impressive. With just a short period of time we have made efficient and effective changes using the real-time optimization tools.



Expect advertisers to achieve high returns through the use of programmatic buying products and services which were impossible to achieve with traditional display. Note that targeting audiences is now the new focus of industry leaders as they start to move from targeting keywords for better and effective strategy.

Wondering how RTB got to this point? The video below gives a nice and succinct historical overview to summarize the evolution of online advertising.




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