What is Real time Bidding?

Real-time-bidding also known as RTB and real time media buying is a form of online advertisement that basically allows you to show your ads at the exact moment a person would most likely find that ad useful.

This strategy can be used for small businesses and medium to large businesses including corporations and nationwide service providers.

Watch this short video for a brief overview.

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As a real time bidding company, let us walk you through exactly what that can mean.

Let’s say a customer is outside at a certain cross section, which is easy to ascertain with apps that track a person’s GPS whereabouts. If your a restaurant in the area, you could serve ads to someone in your vicinity at dinner time to entice a visit. This form of granular targeting was remotely possible until very recently.

In another example, you could be a pain management clinic in San Diego.  Anytime a San Diego resident is online, read articles about back pain or knee pain, that page could serve an ad for your business on the spot, driving an emotionally ready candidate to your landing page in hopes of securing an appointment.

The best part is that this form of advertising is substantially cheaper than traditional forms of advertising like Google Adwords and PPC. Not only that but it generates a lot more traffic at a lower cost.

Even more powerful, once you get the click, you can continue remarketing and retargeting to the visitor even if they leave your site.

Currently, this is a lesser known form of marketing that will continue to see more competition as awareness grows. But as of now, in 2014, only a select few marketing companies can offer this service, and lesser yet only a handful do it well.

We provide this service to small to medium sized businesses looking to generate more leads.

It is truly applicable to all types of business. If you’d like to learn more or would like us to create RTB campaigns for you, fill out the contact form or give us a call.