Three Keys To Building Your Brand Through Social Media

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Although we have all heard the old advice: “Don’t judge a book by its cover” unfortunately, it is not as straight-forward as it may seem. It’s a natural human instinct to judge by appearances. Regardless of conscious intention, our physiological reaction to what we perceive is automatic and beyond our control. This means that no matter how great your product or service may be, people are going to judge it by what they perceive from your brand’s appearance.

Before the phenomenon of the internet, a business’s branding was developed through traditional advertising media. This was extremely expensive, producing results only over a long period of time. Word-of-mouth has always had the most powerful effect on business; and building a reputation for a brand that is reputable, reliable, and valuable has traditionally relied heavily on customers spreading the word. The progress of the internet has completely transformed the world of branding and building business; and social media platforms have provided a turbo-charged version of traditional word-of-mouth.

In order for a business to survive and thrive in today’s world, it is essential that it has an outstanding social media presence. Although the internet has made it easier for new businesses to gain exposure to global audiences, it has also increased the level of competition. It is no longer sufficient to simply provide an excellent service or product and advertise it; it is now vital to establish an excellent presence on social media, and to develop that presence into a brand that is recognized and trusted.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow businesses of all sizes and levels to connect with both existing clients and their target market; building relationships with those clients and prospects, and putting themselves in a position of trust. Human nature dictates that people are more likely to buy from those they feel they have a relationship with and can trust. Creating a powerful online presence can take a business from rock bottom to success in a very short time-frame.

Three Keys To Building A Powerful Brand Through Social Media:

1. Plan ahead
Since the profile you create on social media for your business is the most powerful way of presenting yourself to your target market, it is essential you take the time to plan ahead. Make sure that you have finalized your image, mission statement, values, and policies before you start. You profile, posts and replies to comments should always reflect these qualities.

2. Be Consistent
Keeping your engagement with your clients and prospects consistent is crucial to the success of building your brand. Make sure that your posts are up to date, and that you reply to all questions and complaints from your audience as quickly as you would return a phone call from a client or prospect. Schedule regular time in your daily diary to take care of posting new, helpful information or tips to your profile and to reply to messages and comments.

3. Use Engaging Content
With the volume of information available online, most people scan longer posts rather than read them, unless they feel engaged by the information. Using clear, short posts with striking or humorous images will help to not only grab your audience’s attention, but will improve your chances of having them share your posts with their friends.

Making your online presence a priority is the fastest, easiest way to build your brand and your business. Keep in mind that you are developing a personal connection with each individual in your audience. Listening to their responses and providing effective solutions will result in a loyal, enthusiastic following with high conversions to sales.

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