PPC = ROI: How PPC Reigns Supreme for Returns

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The beauty of running most digital marketing campaigns is that you can measure the results of every dollar that you are spending. Nowhere is this more exemplified than in pay per click marketing via Google Adwords, Bing Ads or Facebook advertising.

With our granular campaign structures, we are able to dive down to the nth degree to figure out what’s working and what isn’t – this allows us to adjust our campaign budgets and strategies accordingly in order to maximize every dollar of our client’s budget. We couple this with an intimate knowledge of how web traffic behaves after it arrives on site and utilize a combination of world class analytics knowledge, data driven suggestions and nonstop cycles of testing in order to continually exceed performance targets.

Case in point:

HoneyFund.com came on board with their CEO running pay per click campaigns for their online honeymoon registry. Not only that, they were wanting to grow their sister property, Plumfund.com, as well in a crowded market with a few big name players funded with big dollars and a fragmented market of smaller upstarts.

While they were doing an admirable job, they simply did not have the capacity to fully manage the account to where it needed to be in terms of a performance standpoint. This is when they came to us to help with their paid search campaigns.

The results are as follows for the last full three month period:

Rising Conversions and lowering cost per lead

The orange line is cost per conversion whereas the blue line is total # of conversions.

The graph outlines a reduction in cost per acquisition by 68%. With their growth goals in mind, we reinvested the savings into additional profitable streams of traffic in their pay per click campaign and started to exponentially increase lead volume. We saw the same dramatic results for Plumfund.com.

How We Did It

Our PPC team in short did the following:

  • Mined years of data to figure contributing and non-contributing streams of traffic and reallocated budget and serving accordingly
  • Redid entire account structure in accordance to our own modified version of an Alpha/Beta PPC methodology
  • Utilized in-house scripts and tools accordingly to quickly wipe out thousands of dollars of non-contributing cost
  • Proactively mined analytics accounts for opportunities to grow and lower cost per acquisition
  • Expanded size and scope of the campaigns by 4x in order to obtain hyper granularity

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