Please Tell Me Why I’m Having a Hard Time Getting Content Published on Third-Party Sites?

imgoIt’s challenging for many people to get their content published on the top-tier publication websites. There are three different major challenges that need to be faced each and every time that you attempt this. The first is your personal agenda. The second challenge is the agenda of the journalist. And finally, the third challenge comes in the form of online readers.

We would like to talk about these three challenges below. Youth Noise would like to tell you how we overcome these challenging hurdles and accomplish major wins every time.

Advertorials: Destroyers of Content Marketing

If your main goal is to achieve publication on third-party websites, then the first thing you need to understand is the type of content that these websites are looking for. It might not be exactly what you think. Most third-party websites are only interested in hosting a specific type of content.

For the most part, when a content marketing campaign fails, it typically happens because the content itself is overly branded. And we’re not talking about being branded too much with graphics, which is also a major problem, but we are talking about having the content campaign idea being too brand specific overall.

More often than not, the majority of the top-tier websites are going to be interested in learning directly about your company. So avoid titles like “5 Ways That Company X Is Better Than Company Y” or anything similar.

On the opposite side of the coin, they would like content in the vein of “5 XYZ Industry Trends That Will Change the World” or anything similar.

Improve Placement Rates by Networking with Publishers

We truly understand the value of networking with publishers and we have proven it time and time again in our business. We have also recently read a study where 500 publishers were surveyed and 64% of the people that responded said that making a personal connection is important to the writer before pitching a blogger an idea.

Another important factor to make a note of is the type of content that the blogger regularly shares on his or her website. Many top-tier website owners are going to get upset if you pitch them an idea that has nothing to do with the typical type of content that they normally post on their blog. As a matter of fact, the only thing you’re going to do is upset the blogger and top-tier website owner by pitching them and knowing absolutely nothing about their site.

Online Readers Will Make or Break Your Campaign

Finally, it all comes down to online readers. They are either going to love your content or hate it. They are the final judge, so create content that they will love and watch it spread virally.

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