Reasons Why SEO And PR Teams Need To Be On The Same Page

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The search engine optimization game has undoubtedly changed for the last couple of years. A few years back, SEO was all just about ranking high on the search engines, but now it is all about content and relevance. You might have a page that has all the links leading back to it, but if you lack quality content, you are never coming close to the top spot.

You might have come across the question, Is PR the new SEO? Well, as of now, SEO is one of the main strategies of building awareness of companies and organizations, and therefore, PR professionals have seen the need to employ SEO into their current tactics and strategies.

When it comes to creating a strong brand, PR and SEO create a great team. A company will be taking the creative aspects of PR and the research elements of search engine optimization and combining them into one powerful strategy. PR and SEO enhance themselves into a few various ways. The aim for SEO is to drive traffic while PR is concerned in spreading the organization’s message. When both are combined, they create a message that is clearly noticed online.

In this article, we will be taking a look at why the PR and SEO team need to be at the same page, a little bit deeper.

The Company Gets Better Exposure

We have already established the fact that the main concern of PR is to create exposure by sending the company’s message. Well, this can be in the form of press releases, interviews, launches and product reviews. Therefore, it is important that the PR’s schedule is shared with the SEO team. The team will expand these campaigns so that they can get more exposure. By extending the outreach, the company will be increasing its influence as well as exposure, which boosts the reputation of the entire business online.

PR and SEO Nurture Long Lasting Relationships

SEO and PR can be learned, however, nothing is more valuable than the relationships created through these strategies. Most people take PR strictly for reputation management and SEO for gaining links only. Even though these perceptions can be correct, both strategies can be expanded.

Search engine optimization requires PR as it is the best method to build organic SEO. PR is more than just managing the reputation of a brand. It is responsible for the relationships a company gets with people influenced by the brand. It helps a company create these organic relationships and be able to maintain them overtime. After these relationships have been established, a company gets a foundation for organic SEO strategy.

Sharing Contacts

PR companies will have a list of contacts and these are usually the first to be notified of anything in regards to the company. They are the ones public relation people will look for when they want exposure. The SEO team will have a list of external blog and website targets and by sharing the contacts, the PR team will learn about the analytics of the site while the SEO team learns how lasting relationships are created.

The PR and SEO Teams Build A Better Media Relations Strategy

SEO and PR enhance each other when creating effective media relation strategies. PR helps discover the angle of the company’s story while the SEO team helps in finding ways to make the content reach the right and targeted audiences.

It is Fair To Say Both Belong Together

When SEO changed, so did the focus. Today, quality content tells it all, and information that is engaging and causes interactions takes the top spot. So, website pages need to promote informative content and if this sounds familiar, that is what PR experts have been doing all along. So, if great content leads to brand awareness, and this leads to people sharing the content, bringing i more users to see and share the content, then it is fair to say that SEO and PR belong together.

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