We want to give back to the community by working with non-profits – specifically those that support our Youth – both here in the US  and across the world. All non-profits need an online voice and we help bring it forth. Do you have a project you need help with? Try contacting us. We can help you gain a Google grant for AdWords with the right cause.

Guide to landing Eligibility in Google Ad Grants

What is Google Ad Grants program? Google Ad Grants is AdWords for nonprofit organizations. This program allows this type of organizations to promote their missions on Google Search result pages. Google provides $10,000 per month to these nonprofit organizations to help them promote their cause. Not all nonprofit organizations can qualify for this program, so don’t jump for joy yet. There is an application process that your organization needs to go through and rules that needs to be followed to keep the grant.

Your organization must haves and do’s in order for them to qualify for the grant:

  • Your organization should have a working website complete with all the details of your nonprofit organization. Every detail of your organization should be seen on your website.
  • A valid charity status should be present in your group.
  • Your nonprofit organization should agree and fully understand the required certifications of Google grants. This is regarding the process of receiving and usage of donations that came from the grant.

If your organization met all the requirements above to take advantage of the grant, here are reasons why your organization won’t qualify:

  • Government organizations
  • Educational organizations, hospital and medical groups

Once you qualify for Google grant, it is up to you to maintain it. Maintain it is quite easy.

  • The ads that you are promoting should not be used to send visitors to other websites
  • Your website is not allowed to display any ads with advertising links while your organization is in participation of Google Grants.
  • You must only use the URL links that were approved in your application with all the ads in your account.
  • If you are going to sell products with your ads, it must reflect your organization’s mission. Also, make sure that the proceeds of the ads are all going to support your program.
  • Log in to your AdWords account regularly. If you don’t manage your account regularly, your account can be paused without any notifications.
  • Lastly, the ads you are going to promote should not in any way include keywords that are related to financial products like credit cards, or ask for large form of goods like property or cars as donations.

Google also, reserves the right to revise or change these guidelines and any violation of these guidelines will remove the eligibility of the organization to the program.