Marketing your Hotel in Instagram Do’s and Don’ts

instagram for a hotel

The best way a hotel marketer can promote the business is to let the consumers see what the hotel offers and why it’s different from its competitors. It’s called visual storytelling and considered as one of the most effective and valuable business strategies. It’s no surprise that almost 75% of marketers from different types of businesses turn to social media marketing to promote their business and increase profit. Why not use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to their advantage when 65% of humans tend to learn things visually.

Instagram has users between the ages of 14 – 26 which sums up 40% of its 200 million active users. This social media site alone is enough to promote your hotel by posting photos of also to 60 million photos posted per day from its users. It’s a good strategy to use this to promote your business visually, but there are reminders that you need to consider to get you started on a positive note.


Post unique photos of your hotel’s services. Visually promote your hotel by posting a variety of videos and photos that will look enticing to travelers and foreigners. Post pictures of your hotel’s services and amenities from scenic views to food that you offer. Always be original, exceptional, exciting and don’t forget to experiment. A photo collage of your amenities and food is a good page cover.

Excite your followers through friendly competitions. You are hitting two birds with one stone with this strategy. You get to keep your followers engaged, and you build new followers at the same time. By having your followers post photos of your hotel or tag your brand in hashtags, you are already letting your followers do the promoting of your hotel for you.

instagram hotel competition

Make your own unique and catchy hashtag. Whenever your guests use your hashtag, they are already promoting your hotel business to their followers. Also, having your very own hashtag utilizes UGC (user generated content).

Show happy guests on your photos. Show photos of your guests having fun at your hotel’s amenities. Photos like this is an engaging experience for your customers and to travel shoppers who will visit your page. Building a positive online relationship with your guests is a plus point for your hotel.

Post pictures of important events and occasions. Use holidays, special occasions and events to your advantage by joining the celebration through proper hashtags and statuses. Show photos of your hotel dressed up in the spirit of the occasion and wish your followers happy holidays. Hashtags like #happynewyear, #halloween #christmas and #birthday are some of the special occasion hashtags that you can use.

Now let’s move on to things you should not do on Instagram.

Never make an account and not use it. Why would you open an account and not use it at all? That is just plain WRONG! To attract followers and prospective guests, frequent posting of photos is the key. You can have one of your staffs to regularly post and manage your hotel’s Instagram account if you can’t fit it into your schedule.

Don’t forget to share your guests’ photos. Sharing your guests’ photos to show appreciation is a sure way to win your customers loyalty and build a meaningful online customer relationship. Tag your guests so they know that you shared it. It’s also a simple way to say thanks to your valued customers.

Don’t post just photos of your hotel. Staff members, scenic view and your food are some of the photos that will tell travel shoppers your hotel’s story. Although your goal is to promote your hotel’s amenities, adding photos other than your hotel will make, you stand out online.

hashtags for hotels

Don’t forget to use Instagram filters. Filtering allows you to edit your pictures to make it look more professional and enhance its quality. Using it enriches your photo’s value, and it can excite your followers too.

Marketing your hotel has never been this fun with the help of Instagram. Keep these reminders in mind and get started on Instagram today!

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