Magic 8 to Fix Hotel’s Google+ Business Listing

Maintaining a Google+ Business Listing now called “Google My Business” for your hotel business may not be as easy as it sounds. No matter how much care and attention you put into it, something unpleasant will happen with just a blink of an eye. What is a Google+ Business Listing and how critical is it for your business? If you want your business to get noticed, you would want to have your very own Google+ Business Listing account. It is necessary for your business to be active and up to date on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+. Keeping your entire hotel’s information correct is very crucial since prospective guests and customers will look into it and use it.

Were-on-the-map1Whenever a guest or customer search for your hotel’s name, Google+ Page and Google Map, which are both connected to your website will show a view of your business’ phone number and address. Your business will also be displayed in the Google Knowledge Graph. Google My Business is for business owners to be in control of their account and put their correct business information and have the power to control how their business would display when people search for them in Google. What’s so hard about that right? Just because you updated your Google+ Local Business 6 months ago doesn’t mean your information will stay there correctly forever. There are a lot of reasons why your business date could be incorrect on Google. And guess what, you may not even know it!

Remember, Google sifts through a lot, and I mean a lot of business information from different types of businesses. If your information, like your business’ phone number, is incorrect, Google will show it and will create a negative customer experience and affect your local SEO in a bad way.

Another example is your hotel’s phone number. Your 1-800 is the only phone number that shows up when a customer looks up for your hotel, but all they want to talk to is the front desk operator. They end up calling the call center and being passed around and asked to call a different number. That’s a big negative customer experience. No matter how tedious it is if you want your business to go places, check your listing regularly. Doing so gives you the power to correct any inaccurate information and update the old ones.

Incorrect information on your Google My Business Listing can be fixed with these steps:

  1. Log in to your Google+ Business Manager account and go through your business information to see if something is incorrect. If there is, edit it then save. Set a reminder to check it because it takes a couple of days before the information goes live on your public listing.
  2. If your hotel shows incorrect information on your live Google+ Business page but shows correct data in your verified account, you need to check your Google Map Maker. Make sure that you use the same Google account for all of your Map Maker edits. Remember the more edits of you are approved, the more your credibility grows.
  3. Do a quick search for your hotel at
  4. Click ‘EDIT’ and select ‘Edit this place.’
  5. Submit changes
  6. If you can’t seem to update any data on your account, send an email or call Google Support. Believe me, they are helpful.
  7. Perform a full local listing audit. By doing this, you are ensured that all major data are updated and consistent especially when you regularly have issues with Google+ Business page. Remember to check things like Name, Address, Phone, Website, Categories, Description and Photography if all are accurate and updated.
  8. If your information is correct in our account but Google+ Business Listing displays otherwise, jump to Step 2. If you receive a message that your listing is being deactivated, or your edits are being denied, jump to Step 3 right away.

If you continue in updating your Google+ Business Listing, you are ensured that your guests will have your business’ correct information and can easily book a room. Now that’s good business!

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