How Can I Limit My Risk When I am Nervous About Publishing Content on the Internet and Fear Negative Feedback from the Public?

Person-Blogging (2)For the most part, negativity on the Internet in the form of negative feedback is usually created from three particular problems that can easily be avoided. They are:


To start with, one of the biggest industry problems that many people encounter when creating content for a content marketing campaign is the lack of research. Many people put out non-authoritative content that they have no business writing. They put out content that is incorrect or they share information that is outdated. This is certainly going to upset some people and you can expect to experience negative feedback in situations like this.

The Youth Noise Solution: we have an important mission at Youth Noise that we take very seriously. Our goal is to create engaging and emotional experiences on online through the creation of our content. We truly get it and we understand that the only way that we can do this is to center our content around exclusive research. This research gives us the opportunity to bring value to the conversation already taking place on the web.

We use special tools that allow us to tap into the needs and wants of your customers. We will run surveys, do API scraping, and we even use unique data visualizations during this process. This allows us to achieve our mission and to create the most relevant, timely and engaging content possible. This is why our content marketing campaigns are incredibly effective.


The next mistake that we also see content creators making (and it’s also an industry problem) is that the outreach team will accidentally pitch your campaign to a publisher that does not like a client in a certain field. Or the publisher may not like the field on the whole.

As an example, let’s say you are an affiliate for an MLM company. Many people do not like multilevel marketing and they do not like the affiliates even more. But if you connect with a content creator that is going to create a content marketing campaign on your behalf, and they try to promote your content to a publisher that does not like MLM companies, then it’s obviously not going to work out for the best. That publisher is going to turn you away and refuse your content even if it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

The Youth Noise Solution: our solution is very simple. We have dedicated media relations specialists that spend a total of 30 days performing in-depth research in relation to your market. This allows our team to find writers and publishers that are the perfect fit for a campaign that we will run on your behalf.

This is a simple process that requires vetting writers through their social media accounts, author archives and personal websites to understand their current content and to make sure that our content is properly in alignment with it.


The third industry problem that we recognize comes from content creators that will skew a campaign in order to push the marketing agenda of a client. This turns the content into an advertorial instead of genuinely helpful information.

Many publishers have to regularly reject content because the submissions are usually just pitches for a particular company. Content creators try to hide this fact in press release and thought piece format, but these guest posts are clearly advertorials and the content publishers do not want to post them on their website.

The Youth Noise Solution: we certainly understand the point of branding, but we also realize that top-tier publishers do not want advertorials. We will create campaigns for our clients that are related to their products and services, reach the audience at an emotional level and still get the brand message across without being overly promotional.

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