How We Got a Hotel To Page 1 of Google For Their “Hotel+City” Keyword

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It’s tough for a hotel nowadays. You may be having a conversation with your staff that goes something like this.

You: We need more direct bookings. These OTA fees are killing us.Page 1 for Hotel Terms

Staff: What can we do to get more direct bookings?

You: Well – tons of people are search Google for hotels in our area, let’s get on page 1.

Staff: Great idea!

So you Google Hotel+your city and you see these results:

  • Ads on Top
  • Map pack
  • Results from: Kayak, Expedia,, Priceline,, local travel guide sites, major publishers, etc

That’s when you wonder if it’s even possible to compete with all of these big players.

This is the same exact conversation we had with the GM of Princess Royale back when we first got started on the campaign.

We were tasked with doing the SEO to get their keywords onto Page 1, running their AdWords campaign to get more direct bookings and manage their social media.

So did we succeed with the SEO? Did we their their keywords on page 1?

You bet we did! Within 7 months, we’d managed to drive their Google ranking for their main term of “ocean city hotels” – a 33,000 monthly searches keyword, up from page 4 to page 1 of Google!

How were we able to do it?

We understand that beating those large OTA sites in Google search is a tall order, but what most people fail to understand is that it’s not impossible because Google actually will favor a Local website over a nationwide site as long as it receives the proper SEO signals.

So we went out and we worked hard generating buzz, stories, blog posts and content for Princess Royale to get published around the web.

Bloggers like the ones below were more than happy to work with us:

With an optimized website, and consistent inbound linking, we can take out the competition!

This is still an active campaign and we continue building authority, better organic traffic and more. Also see how we were able to get creative with the hotels blog to generate a ton more targeted traffic within a month of launching.

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