How Onsite Optimization Can Instantly Improve the Traffic of an Established Site

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Here is a Case Study for our client, Dharma Merchant Services.

When they reached out, their website was already doing pretty well but most of their leads were coming from referral traffic through partner sites. They wanted to do better organically.

Rankings Before Onsite Optimization

Pretty steady for the past 6 months.

And here is a snippet of their keyword rankings before the project started:

Beginning of Project Rankings

This is what happened within 2 weeks of starting off the SEO campaign with making the website inline with better than best practices.

Traffic after Onsite OptimizationWhat caused this increase in traffic? It can be directly attributed to the increase in page 1 rankings:

Keywords after onsite optimizations

Onsite optimization is very powerful but only when done right. There are no cutting corners when it comes to getting your website up to snuff.

One more thing. And probably the most important. How did this impact lead generation?

Goal completions after optimization


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