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We had one mission. Our client opened a new Tint Shop in North Carolina and had a current customer base of ZERO. He contacted us with an obvious request: More Sales!

How is Your Tint Shop Doing?

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The Website

By now, most tint shops have sprung for a snazzy looking site. If not, it’s fairly simple to put one together for a reasonable cost. That’s exactly what we did.

Tint Shop Website Redesign


Next came getting visibility in Google. Obviously, if you are located in NYC, and someone types in “car tinting NYC”, you want you’re site to show up number 1. So that’s what we went to work doing.

Here is how our client’s traffic looked at the start of the campaign.


So, traffic starts slowly going up. Yay. What if we fast forward 1 year? Here is the comparison:

Tintshop 1 year laterAlmost 500% more unique visitors? Absolutely! So how do we do it?

Tint Shop Rankings It’s essential to target not only your city, not only a few cities in your area, but you want to target as many cities as humanly possible (think 30 mile radius).

When that happens, you get tons of different types of targeted visitors. The image has some sample keywords that our client shows up number 1 overall for. Within just a few months, you should be seeing powerful improvements in your leads and sales. Even if you are already on page 1 for some terms, chances you are haven’t maximized the amount of visibility you can get.

It’s an amazing feeling to know your phone is going to ring every day without worry. More time to build to the business, train your team, expand your services and more. Let Youth Noise work on your marketing while you work on your business. Contact us here.

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