Understanding the Power of Social Media Contests and How They Can Influence Change

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In 2014, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge too social media by storm. The contest featured people challenging their friends, co-workers and family members to either post a video of them dumping a bucket of ice on their head, or they must donate to charity. This challenge proved to be both fun and powerful at the same time, since it raised awareness about a disease that many people didn’t know about. Since the initial ice bucket challenge, the ALS Association has announced that it will now become an annual event.

This shows that the power of social media is here to stay and can be used for any number of measures. Take the movie Straight Outta Compton, an NWA biopic, for instance. This movie shattered box office records, due in part to the fact that their template meme went viral on social media. It gave people from anywhere or with any organization to put a frame around their pictures with the Straight Outta Compton graphics. So for instance, a person from Albuquerque, NM could use the service to make a Straight Outta Albuquerque photo. This was fun for the people, but heavily promoted the movie, due to the power of social media.

The key now is to harness this power of social media to learn how best to promote causes. Doing this will allow any organization to get the word out about their initiatives, which will captivate the public as a whole. Social media is now not just something that teenagers are taking part in. Everyone from middle schoolers to grandparents are on social media, as are companies, nonprofit organizations and social clubs. You will be able to tap into this network to give people the opportunity to raise awareness about any cause that you have.

So if you are planning a 5K race for cancer awareness, one of the first places you should turn is social media platforms. These platforms are where the people congregate and it will allow you to begin the conversation in a way that is as subtle or aggressive as you would like. Many companies have had success forging campaigns on social media and continue to do so on a regular basis. One of the best things you can do in this regard is hire the help of a social marketing company who is knowledgeable about how to tap into social media. While anyone can post on these platforms, it is truly both an art and a science that must be mastered in order to tap into this power and develop a rapport with the people.

So the next time that you have any kind of cause or initiative that you are passionate about, make sure that turning to social media is your very first step. This will allow you to reach the people where they are in order to make a difference and get the word out in the most organic and widespread manner.

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