Common Campaign Asset Types

content marketingWhen putting together a powerful content marketing strategy, the content itself needs to be strong and different in nature in order for it to achieve a high level of success.
What does this mean?

It means that when putting together a content marketing strategy campaign, it has to include a number of different assets that can appeal to the top-tier publishers.

At Youth Noise, we take great pride in the fact that we are incredibly innovative with our content creation. We know how to create many different types of content and this helps to gather serious attention from the masses as well as content providers of an influential and authoritative nature.

Different audiences have different interests. Youth Noise understands this and makes it a point to understand the emotions of consumers and how they play a role in the content that they are willing to share. Our content is driven by emotion, but our overall approach is necessary in order to create viral content.

We create content of all types including interactives, infographics, videos and flipbooks to name just a few.
We also use the latest and greatest technology platforms that will allow us to create powerful viral content. The platforms that we use include:

  • Parallax – Parallax will help to add a new level of interest in complex elite webpages. The unique scrolling capabilities that it offers are second to none.
  • Integration – we integrate a variety of technologies into our content campaigns.
  • Motion graphics – when truly stunning visuals are at stake, people are going to be more apt to share and spread content so that it goes viral. Publishers and audiences love the phenomenal motion graphics that we present.
  • Web GL – by taking advantage of the Web GL technology and using it to our advantage, we can produce 3-D graphics on the cutting edge that publishers can’t wait to promote.

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