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43 Medical Citation Sites to Get Your Website Listed On

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Citation websites, directory sites, website listing sites – whatever you want to call it are great for SEO, as any agency will tell you.

Here are the top medical citation sites to get your website listed on.

Citation Site D.A. Country Free / Paid Listing URL 94 USA Free Click here 84 USA Paid Click here 82 USA Free Click here 70 USA Paid Click here 69 USA Free Click here 66 ALL Free Click here 64 USA Paid Click here 57 USA Free Click here 55 USA Free Click here 50 USA Free Click here 50 UK Free Click here 48 USA Paid Click here 48 USA Free Click here 47 USA / CAN Free Click here 47 USA / CAN Free Click here 42 USA Free Click here 42 USA Free Click here 41 CAN Free Click here 41 USA Paid Click here 39 USA Free Click here 38 USA Free Click here 37 USA Free Click here 34 AUS Free Click here 34 UK Free Click here 34 USA Paid Click here 32 USA Free Click here 32 ALL Free Click here 31 ALL Paid Click here 30 USA / CAN Free Click here 30 USA Free Click here 28 USA Paid Click here 28 USA Free Click here 27 USA Paid Click here 26 USA Free Click here 24 USA Free Click here 24 USA Reciprocal Click here 20 USA Paid Click here 19 USA Reciprocal Click here 18 USA Free Click here 18 ALL Free Click here 17 USA Free Click here 16 USA Free Click here 15 CAN Free Click here

Make sure your Name, Address and Phone Number are consistent throughout each listing! Consider it as important as correct spelling in medical packaging – it’s not lethal, but it may hurt your SEO efforts a lot!

Getting More Media Coverage For Your Plastic Surgery Practice

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Some surgeons appear over and over on television and on expert interview segments on popular websites. Not only is this great brand building, but the SEO benefits are also massive.

Plastic Surgeon TV InterviewWhen asked to describe our service, we tend to refer to do it as a PR SEO hybrid because that’s where it’s evolved.

Our Main Goal: Better search engine placement

Our Other Main Goal: Search engine placements that stand the test of time

Each website that has lasted through all of the algorithm updates has one thing in common: great PR.

Being the type of people that we are, we couldn’t let PR firms take all the glory.

So we boiled it down into what really generates major placements and great links.

  1. Competitive analysis
  2. Market analysis
  3. Using the data to analyze target sites
  4. Preparing a simple pitch
  5. Entering it all into our outreach management system
  6. Applying dedicated resources to the task of outreach, follow-up, follow-up, follow-up

Along the way, we’ve done a lot of fine tuning to improve our deliverables and now can confidently say, we’re able to provide a SEO service that delivers strong PR results than most dedicated firms.

Have you had your fill of run of the mill digital marketing companies? Are you tired of the same old 10-15-25 keywords for $500-$1000-$1500 packages? Find out what it’s like to work with a SEO company that is as serious about your business as you are.

Common SEO Mistakes We Find Over and Over on Plastic Surgeon Websites

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SEO Optimized SurgeonWebdesign is an art. Beautiful photos, snazzy features and pretty looking page URLs.

We’re on board with all of it, but one key factor goes by the wayside over and over again.

Local SEO Optimization!

You are primarily treating patients in your surrounding area and in order to compete online you need to make that abundantly clear to the search engines.

Here is what we see frequently:

And then somewhere on the page is the city, cities or state served.

Let’s say the target city is San Francisco.  Will this page show up in Google when someone searches for the term “San Francisco Rhinoplasty”

Eventually yes it will with the right SEO but there is a much easier way to do this that will take less time and effort to achieve the same results.

Leave this page intact BUT add a keyword specific page to go after that particular area

For example:

Why do this?

  • keyword in the URL is a powerful local signal
  • We can optimize titles and on-page content better for local
  • We can focus link building efforts on this page without confusing the algorithm
  • We can expand this strategy to target other major locations with added pages
  • We don’t need to make these pages prominent in the navigation

What benefits come with this type plastic surgeon onsite optimization approach?

  • Faster Rankings
  • Better results with less resources applied

Hopefully we’ve made our case but here’s an example of what happens when we get the go ahead on this strategy.

Increase in rankings after onsite optimization

It doesn’t just stop at keyword in the URL. Sometimes you only want to use part of the keyword. It all depends on what your domain name is. You also want to find about 10 synonyms or different ways of saying the same thing to include in the content because people search for your services in a variety of different way.

Whereas web design is an art, SEO requires mostly science with a little bit of art as well. Curious to see how your website matches up? Give us a call to get some insights.

A Peek into The Plastic Surgeon SEO Landscape

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What does a plastic surgeon need to generate a ton of business online?

  1. Visbility
  2. Reputation

That’s it. As long as people can find you and trust you, the office phone will ring. After speaking with plenty of surgeons about their marketing, I’ve heard a similar sentiment that you also may echo.

  • Traffic – Meh
  • Rising contact form requests – ok but Meh
  • #1 Rankings – YES!

A number one ranking goes a long way when it comes to getting a majority of the traffic, leads and being entrenched there is a powerful indicator to your prospective patients who the leader in the market is.

So how do you get there?

Here are the baseline facts that differentiate the plastic surgeon niche from other local industries.

  1. There is more money being spent on marketing. More profitable businesses means bigger marketing budgets and can translate to SEO campaigns that need a budget to boot
  2. There is lots of noise for your business. With larger budgets comes more marketing companies trying to get a piece of the pie. A practice must sift through the noise and find the right marketing fit for their business.

Our strategy for ranking a plastic surgeon site is all based on authority. We go after:

  1. Association links
  2. Local citations
  3. Expert interview links
  4. Blogger outreach for website mentions

We keep it simple, executing month over month until the site makes progress. It’s the same strategy we used to rank for the term “rhinoplasty Philadelphia”

Example 1

Does it end there? No, but for the sake of simplicity, that’s where I can stop. Have more questions? Feel free to contact us.