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Are There Any Risks to Blogger Outreach?

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writing bloggerWhile there are certainly risks to blogger outreach, the benefits are tremendous so it is definitely well worth it to make these connections. As a matter of fact, the largest risk that you take when touching base with top-tier publishers is having an uneducated representative send an email on your behalf.

At Youth Noise, the company owners got together and created a training guide that ensures that all of our associates are educated correctly before they ever perform any type of blogger outreach on behalf of any of our clients. Read More

How Can I Limit My Risk When I am Nervous About Publishing Content on the Internet and Fear Negative Feedback from the Public?

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Person-Blogging (2)For the most part, negativity on the Internet in the form of negative feedback is usually created from three particular problems that can easily be avoided. They are:


To start with, one of the biggest industry problems that many people encounter when creating content for a content marketing campaign is the lack of research. Many people put out non-authoritative content that they have no business writing. They put out content that is incorrect or they share information that is outdated. This is certainly going to upset some people and you can expect to experience negative feedback in situations like this. Read More

Can I Do Anything About Bloggers Writing About My Content and Not Giving Me the Proper Credit?

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writingYou are going to see this often throughout the blog world. Web publishers will happily syndicate a story about content that they have gotten from another publisher. What we consider proper credit is getting a dofollow link going back to the client website. Link reconciliation is one way to ensure that proper credit is made.

When performing link recon, we will search the web high and low to discover the natural syndications that could have taken place from our placements, and when we put them in our promotions report we will classify them by link type. At this point we will determine whether or not we were given proper credit for the content. If we weren’t given credit, we will begin reaching out to publishers so that we can get the proper dofollow link pointing back to the client website.

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How Do You Figure Out a Website’s Authority?

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websiteDomain authority, as determined by Moz, is part of a specific formula. Ultimately, they say that it is a calculated metric that is used to figure out how a domain will rank within the search results of Google. They say that domain authority is based off of data from Mozscape web index. It includes things like MozTrust scores, MozRank and link counts among dozens of other factors. A machine learning model is used in order to predict an algorithm that correlates with ranking across thousands of different search results. Read More

Please Tell Me Why I’m Having a Hard Time Getting Content Published on Third-Party Sites?

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imgoIt’s challenging for many people to get their content published on the top-tier publication websites. There are three different major challenges that need to be faced each and every time that you attempt this. The first is your personal agenda. The second challenge is the agenda of the journalist. And finally, the third challenge comes in the form of online readers.

We would like to talk about these three challenges below. Youth Noise would like to tell you how we overcome these challenging hurdles and accomplish major wins every time.

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Is it True That it Takes a Massive Team to Create Content that Resonates with Our Market?

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imgo (1)Truthfully, it all depends on the content itself. Are you looking for world-class content campaigns? Or are you looking for simple run-of-the-mill infographics? Are you looking to elevate your brand to the next level? Are you looking to increase search engine rankings? If you said yes to any of the questions, then you do need a group of forward thinking industry experts that understand viral content and content marketing. You need help from content creators that understand the wants and needs of top-tier publishers. Read More

The Youth Noise Content Creation Formula

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contentWe at Youth Noise have made it our mission to produce emotional and engaging content for viewers on the web. It’s a tough job and it keeps us very busy, but we also have a team of web aficionados that are ready to scour the Internet to keep up with all of the latest trends. This allows us to create powerful content using an incredible content strategy that is going to produce massive results for your business. Read More

Common Campaign Asset Types

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content marketingWhen putting together a powerful content marketing strategy, the content itself needs to be strong and different in nature in order for it to achieve a high level of success.
What does this mean?

It means that when putting together a content marketing strategy campaign, it has to include a number of different assets that can appeal to the top-tier publishers. Read More

What Happens If the Campaign Idea Fails?

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marketing successOne never knows what type of marketing idea is going to achieve success and predicting this is quite difficult. But please understand that having a 100% success rate is certainly possible and we’ve seen it time and time again.

The long-term, consistent approach is incredibly beneficial for this very reason. If one method of content creation and dissemination doesn’t seem to be effective, we can always switch gears, create a different style of content and marketing message and ultimately learn from our mistakes. Read More