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What Happens During a Viral Content Marketing Campaign?

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viral-contentGenerally speaking, when a piece of content has successfully gone viral, ultimately we recognize this because it experiences widespread syndication and a tremendous amount of user engagement. In order to provide a particular piece of content with the best chance of going viral, we aim to get the maximum initial visibility by using certain PR techniques to get high profile placements on some of the most highly trafficked sites on the Internet. Read More

Why You Need to Hire Youth Noise Instead of the Competition

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The Youth Noise Team

Youth Noise, a full-service digital marketing company, specializes in lead generation, search strategy and content marketing. Our main focus is on search engine optimization, high rankings, online growth and how they relate to viral content marketing and the impact that it has on search rankings. But rest assured, we aren’t just your average SEOs. We’ve had excellent success of this game for many years. Read More

Is It True That Content Marketing Is Invulnerable To Algorithm Updates From Google?

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Content-marketing-cycleAvoid subversive tactics if you want to win the content wars

We’ve all heard it before. We’ve all read the stories about companies being penalized by Google. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that 10 major brands suffered Google penalties. Do you want to become one of them?
For a time, Google was busting link networks left and right. Link sellers became the scourge of the SEO community. Matt Cutts even started penalizing those building links through guest blogging. Read More