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SEO Mistakes That You Can’t Afford To Yourself Anymore

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Today, when most of the marketing strategies are employed online, every company needs a good web development, whose most important element is search engine optimization.  This is basically an inexpensive and pretty easy way to increase your site’s traffic and to build a strong customer base. Although SEO basics are quite simple, there is still plenty of room for mistakes, even if you consider yourself to be an expert. If you don’t do it correctly, you can end up harming your Google rankings and even get penalized. The thing is that there is a large number of SEO strategies and not all of them are equally relevant. The internet is like a living organism, it changes every year and makes some of those strategies outdated. No matter if your SEO strategies are outdated or if they were wrong from the beginning, it’s time to repair your mistakes and to get back on track.

  • Precision over numbers

One of the main tools of search engine optimization are the keywords. At the beginning, use of keywords was done on the ‛the more the merrier’ principle, but today it’s more about the precision than about the number of those keywords. Stuffing your content with keywords will produce quite the opposite effect – you’ll increase the chance of your website being overlooked by Google. Especially if you try to fit them unnaturally into the content. You can use Google analytics tools to check if your keywords fit into the text. Just like humans, Google also likes when content is natural and readable.  If your website got penalized, Dsquad can help you from Google penalty recovery Of course, your users are always in the first place and they should be given what they want, but also give reason to search engines to rank your site high.

  • Mechanical eyes

Besides keywords, another way that Google can ‛see’ your website and its links is through meta tags and descriptions. If you don’t use them on your website your content won’t be indexed properly and as a result, Google won’t be able to connect your site with the customers that are looking for your services or products. While this is a basic thing and seems obvious, most people are not aware that images need descriptions, too. Everything needs to have a relevant title containing an approximate keyword, but it’s also helpful to have alternative text description containing more keyword phrases that are relevant.

  • Keep paths open

Everybody is familiar with the feeling of frustration when a promising link leads you to a disappointing ‛page not found’ words. This happens when you have broken links and it literally shatters the user experience of your website which is, no need to mention, one of the most sensitive areas when it comes to Google ranking. Your website should be an interactive playground for your users where they can explore freely, so you need to make sure there are not any blind alleys.

  • Need for speed

It’s important to keep in mind that your customers are constantly on the move. If your web pages need to much time to load they will immediately switch them off and visit another one with faster internet connections. It is proven in research that optional loading time of a page mustn’t be more than three seconds. That’s how much time you have to keep users engaged and interested in your content. Speed is usually connected with the quality of the content that allows your pages to load quickly. You should have frequent tests of your website and keep track of the performance. You should also pay attention to mobile site optimization because loading time is different then on the desktop.

  • The quality

No matter if you’re buying or producing your own content, if it turns out it’s low-quality don’t even bother putting it on your website. It is similar to the keywords problem – quantity mustn’t go before quality. Don’t hire cheap freelancers to write your content because you’ll get what you’ve paid for: in most cases – nothing. Your content needs to demonstrate subject knowledge and expertise. This also goes for your video marketing campaign, your blog or other multimedia. Most companies hire content writers, so it’s important to hire the firm with the good reputation that deals with the complete process of optimization, like SEO by GWM.

  • Make your priorities – the conclusion

Planning the best way to accomplish everything on an SEO task list can sometimes seem impossible. Google takes into consideration more than 200 factors when it comes to ranking and they all might seem important. But the truth is that they’re not because they are not all equal. You probably won’t be able to complete all SEO tasks, especially if your team is small and budget not much bigger. But that’s okay, you just need to prioritize the tasks. Always remember that precision and quality come before quantity, test your site’s speed all the time and keep the paths open.

SEO is one of the key factors for any online store success. SEO Toolkit for Magento 2 is a mega-extension created to help you get through basic and advanced SEO tasks in M2 like meta tags designing, out of stock items redirecting, XML and HTML Sitemaps creating, etc.

How Social Media Can Help Youth Come Together And Build Healthy Communities

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Healthy communities are the backbone of our society, and the young people of America have a significant role to play in making our communities safer and healthier places to be. After all, they are the ones who will grow up to live in these places, so they need to play a big role in shaping them.

Finding ways to bring young people together and make sure that they stay connected is a key part of this process. Today, there are more tools available than ever before to help them make these connections. By using social media, for example, young people can get in touch with each other and forge new and stronger connections.

The power of social media, as its name suggests, comes from the ease with which it enables people to meet others and form relationships with them. You no longer have to get everyone together in a single place to organize an event. Instead, people from all over the world can find each other based on their common interests.

Even within a single community, these tools can be quite useful. For example, if some young people want to organize an event, they no longer have to try to get everyone together and meet face to face, or spend hours calling everyone on the phone. Instead, by using a Facebook group, everyone can exchange ideas and organize the event much more quickly.

Social media also makes it easier for people who may not naturally be very outgoing or extroverted, but who still want to be involved in their community. They might be too nervous or shy to attend a meeting in person, but they will feel a lot more comfortable discussing an issue online. They can still get involved without having to worry about being too anxious to speak up.

Another advantage of using social media is that there are very few barriers to entry. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are free to use, so even low-income young people can make use of them. All they need is some sort of device that lets them connect to these networks, like a basic smartphone.

Since smartphones can now be had for a very reasonable price, this means that virtually anyone can join these networks and start forging the kinds of connections that are needed for strong communities. This expands the reach of these networks so that the whole community can be brought together without excluding any groups.

By making good use of the power of social media, the young people of America can help to strengthen the bonds that hold our communities together. They can help to build a brighter and more hopeful future for the entire society. All they need to do is start making good use of these tools.

There is a lot to be hopeful about when it comes to the youth of our country. With the power of social media at their fingertips, they can realize their dreams today.

Reasons Why SEO And PR Teams Need To Be On The Same Page

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The search engine optimization game has undoubtedly changed for the last couple of years. A few years back, SEO was all just about ranking high on the search engines, but now it is all about content and relevance. You might have a page that has all the links leading back to it, but if you lack quality content, you are never coming close to the top spot.

You might have come across the question, Is PR the new SEO? Well, as of now, SEO is one of the main strategies of building awareness of companies and organizations, and therefore, PR professionals have seen the need to employ SEO into their current tactics and strategies.

When it comes to creating a strong brand, PR and SEO create a great team. A company will be taking the creative aspects of PR and the research elements of search engine optimization and combining them into one powerful strategy. PR and SEO enhance themselves into a few various ways. The aim for SEO is to drive traffic while PR is concerned in spreading the organization’s message. When both are combined, they create a message that is clearly noticed online.

In this article, we will be taking a look at why the PR and SEO team need to be at the same page, a little bit deeper.

The Company Gets Better Exposure

We have already established the fact that the main concern of PR is to create exposure by sending the company’s message. Well, this can be in the form of press releases, interviews, launches and product reviews. Therefore, it is important that the PR’s schedule is shared with the SEO team. The team will expand these campaigns so that they can get more exposure. By extending the outreach, the company will be increasing its influence as well as exposure, which boosts the reputation of the entire business online.

PR and SEO Nurture Long Lasting Relationships

SEO and PR can be learned, however, nothing is more valuable than the relationships created through these strategies. Most people take PR strictly for reputation management and SEO for gaining links only. Even though these perceptions can be correct, both strategies can be expanded.

Search engine optimization requires PR as it is the best method to build organic SEO. PR is more than just managing the reputation of a brand. It is responsible for the relationships a company gets with people influenced by the brand. It helps a company create these organic relationships and be able to maintain them overtime. After these relationships have been established, a company gets a foundation for organic SEO strategy.

Sharing Contacts

PR companies will have a list of contacts and these are usually the first to be notified of anything in regards to the company. They are the ones public relation people will look for when they want exposure. The SEO team will have a list of external blog and website targets and by sharing the contacts, the PR team will learn about the analytics of the site while the SEO team learns how lasting relationships are created.

The PR and SEO Teams Build A Better Media Relations Strategy

SEO and PR enhance each other when creating effective media relation strategies. PR helps discover the angle of the company’s story while the SEO team helps in finding ways to make the content reach the right and targeted audiences.

It is Fair To Say Both Belong Together

When SEO changed, so did the focus. Today, quality content tells it all, and information that is engaging and causes interactions takes the top spot. So, website pages need to promote informative content and if this sounds familiar, that is what PR experts have been doing all along. So, if great content leads to brand awareness, and this leads to people sharing the content, bringing i more users to see and share the content, then it is fair to say that SEO and PR belong together.

Tips To Find Bloggers To Speak To

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Blogging is an art and there are many approaches to the concept of gaining traffic and authority in a niche. There are numerous successful bloggers out there who have taken massive strides in the right direction as time has gone on. This is why it is imperative to sit down and take a look at all of the options in front of you to ensure you are going down the right path as well. Let’s take a glance at what you can do in order to find bloggers who have been successful and even those who are learning at this point in time to get a feel for what you have to do to increase search engine rankings.

LinkedIn Groups Include Major Players

The best method would be to go on LinkedIn Groups to find bloggers. It is one of the best networking options in the world for any professional and the same goes for bloggers who are in the business of getting things done.

You will be able to spread out your contact list and truly get a feel for this way of living.

Google+ Communities Can Build Foundation

Google+ has been around for a long time and through its ‘Communities’ feature, you will be able to find communities in your niche where bloggers are communicating. It is a wonderful way to connect and you will be able to find quite a lot of people this way as most of them are going to be on the platform.

FaceBook Groups Are Powerful

FaceBook is filled with bloggers who are ready to connect and spread out their network. If you are someone who is looking to get a feel for the world of blogging and really want to hone in on specific niches, you are going to realize the value of these groups.

A simple search is going to help pop up groups of bloggers who are communicating with one another through this social media platform. It is truly powerful and engaging.

Seeking Out Related Bloggers In Your Niche Via Email

Yes, the good ol’ idea of cold calling or, in this case, e-mailing can go a long way to the surprise of many. It does not have to be all about joining communities and/or groups in a bid to find like-minded individuals. In fact, if you want to talk to a blogger in your niche, why not get access to their contact e-mail and give them a shout?

You will be surprised as to how many will be able to exchange pleasantries over e-mail.

These tips should go a long way in finding bloggers who can give you tips along the way to ensure you are as successful as you can be. Your potential is still untapped and with the help of those who are already blogging, you will be able to get the most out of yourself as needed. There is no reason to waste time with a solution where you don’t know what is going on. With guidance, you can go a long way.

Three Keys To Building Your Brand Through Social Media

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Although we have all heard the old advice: “Don’t judge a book by its cover” unfortunately, it is not as straight-forward as it may seem. It’s a natural human instinct to judge by appearances. Regardless of conscious intention, our physiological reaction to what we perceive is automatic and beyond our control. This means that no matter how great your product or service may be, people are going to judge it by what they perceive from your brand’s appearance.

Before the phenomenon of the internet, a business’s branding was developed through traditional advertising media. This was extremely expensive, producing results only over a long period of time. Word-of-mouth has always had the most powerful effect on business; and building a reputation for a brand that is reputable, reliable, and valuable has traditionally relied heavily on customers spreading the word. The progress of the internet has completely transformed the world of branding and building business; and social media platforms have provided a turbo-charged version of traditional word-of-mouth.

In order for a business to survive and thrive in today’s world, it is essential that it has an outstanding social media presence. Although the internet has made it easier for new businesses to gain exposure to global audiences, it has also increased the level of competition. It is no longer sufficient to simply provide an excellent service or product and advertise it; it is now vital to establish an excellent presence on social media, and to develop that presence into a brand that is recognized and trusted.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow businesses of all sizes and levels to connect with both existing clients and their target market; building relationships with those clients and prospects, and putting themselves in a position of trust. Human nature dictates that people are more likely to buy from those they feel they have a relationship with and can trust. Creating a powerful online presence can take a business from rock bottom to success in a very short time-frame.

Three Keys To Building A Powerful Brand Through Social Media:

1. Plan ahead
Since the profile you create on social media for your business is the most powerful way of presenting yourself to your target market, it is essential you take the time to plan ahead. Make sure that you have finalized your image, mission statement, values, and policies before you start. You profile, posts and replies to comments should always reflect these qualities.

2. Be Consistent
Keeping your engagement with your clients and prospects consistent is crucial to the success of building your brand. Make sure that your posts are up to date, and that you reply to all questions and complaints from your audience as quickly as you would return a phone call from a client or prospect. Schedule regular time in your daily diary to take care of posting new, helpful information or tips to your profile and to reply to messages and comments.

3. Use Engaging Content
With the volume of information available online, most people scan longer posts rather than read them, unless they feel engaged by the information. Using clear, short posts with striking or humorous images will help to not only grab your audience’s attention, but will improve your chances of having them share your posts with their friends.

Making your online presence a priority is the fastest, easiest way to build your brand and your business. Keep in mind that you are developing a personal connection with each individual in your audience. Listening to their responses and providing effective solutions will result in a loyal, enthusiastic following with high conversions to sales.

The Importance of Real Time Social Media Updates for Breaking Stories in SEO

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TVs and newspapers were once at the top of the monopoly of the dissemination of new, but that has all changed. Today, the internet is considered the main news platform, which has seen an audience decline for TVs and newspapers that is almost headed to a stall.

One of the biggest and most influential element on the World Wide Web that has a global following as a top source of new is social media network. While the use of social media in search engine optimization is vital, the effects of leveraging social media for SEO have only scratched the surface of what is possible.

According to statistics, around 90% of all internet users access it using a mobile device (phone, laptop, or tablet) and the biggest share going to smartphones. In America, more than half of is citizens get some form of news, both local and international, on a mobile device. The same is echoed across other countries that have a higher mobile phone use.

The amazing thing is that most of the news is sourced from social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The modern age reports are not those seated behind a desk typing away to create content for newspapers or the report behind a camera capturing events. News is now a thing for the “average Joe” who has a bit of writing skill and has a camera at hand.

Anyone with a cellphone is a potential videographer, and that person able to write a blog is a potential reporter. Such are the players that are driving the rate at which breaking news is disseminated, and not just for keeping people informed but also for the purpose of SEO. Theirs is a platform with endless possibilities – the social media network.

So how is the use of social media in the dissemination of real time breaking stories and events a huge plus for SEO efforts? The answer is rather obvious, but only for those that actually know how to leverage social media. For those looking into making the most of this vast network, here are a few things worth noting:

• Breaking news will often be a trending topic on various social media sites – which is almost an indisputable fact. As such, anything trending will be a perfect tool for creating online traffic, which is what SEO generally targets. Therefore, finding a way to associate your website with not just any breaking news but news that is relevant to your business or website’s objectives will be a way of generating online traffic.

• Search engines such a Bing, Google, and Yahoo have a real time search option, which is a move that includes the use of live updates from social media sites and blogs to source trending topics and new for search results. As such, this offers optimizers and online markets the perfect opportunity to increase their online visibility as they find ways of leveraging real time searches, which include those trending in social media sites.

• The best bit about it all is that it creates the perception that the blogger are social media account holder is a resourceful and well-informed person or individuals. If you are always in the know, current with what is trending even if it is breaking news that you will be at reputable “influencer”, which is a huge bonus for any online marker of search engine optimizer.

Are There Any Risks to Blogger Outreach?

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writing bloggerWhile there are certainly risks to blogger outreach, the benefits are tremendous so it is definitely well worth it to make these connections. As a matter of fact, the largest risk that you take when touching base with top-tier publishers is having an uneducated representative send an email on your behalf.

At Youth Noise, the company owners got together and created a training guide that ensures that all of our associates are educated correctly before they ever perform any type of blogger outreach on behalf of any of our clients. Read More

How Can I Limit My Risk When I am Nervous About Publishing Content on the Internet and Fear Negative Feedback from the Public?

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Person-Blogging (2)For the most part, negativity on the Internet in the form of negative feedback is usually created from three particular problems that can easily be avoided. They are:


To start with, one of the biggest industry problems that many people encounter when creating content for a content marketing campaign is the lack of research. Many people put out non-authoritative content that they have no business writing. They put out content that is incorrect or they share information that is outdated. This is certainly going to upset some people and you can expect to experience negative feedback in situations like this. Read More

Can I Do Anything About Bloggers Writing About My Content and Not Giving Me the Proper Credit?

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writingYou are going to see this often throughout the blog world. Web publishers will happily syndicate a story about content that they have gotten from another publisher. What we consider proper credit is getting a dofollow link going back to the client website. Link reconciliation is one way to ensure that proper credit is made.

When performing link recon, we will search the web high and low to discover the natural syndications that could have taken place from our placements, and when we put them in our promotions report we will classify them by link type. At this point we will determine whether or not we were given proper credit for the content. If we weren’t given credit, we will begin reaching out to publishers so that we can get the proper dofollow link pointing back to the client website.

Read More