Case Study: What It Takes To Grow a Hotel’s Social Media Following

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Your guests are everywhere – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr…

So where do you focus your energy? All of the above!

Your social media following is an asset that you own and grow overtime. The more followers and traction you gain on any one particular channel, the more influence you have.

Gathering a real following though is more complicated than just posting updates on your social media properties.

Sure, you’ll get some followers, but to really ramp it up in a consistent and reliable way, just a few strategic shifts can go an exceedingly long way.

Here is an example.

Increasing The Rate of Your Facebook Followers

This is the Facebook page for the Princess Royale.

The year before we took over their social media, they were averaging a modest 2 new likes per day mostly posting daily pictures of the sunrise from their oceanfront property. Followers loved these photos but there was obviously additional opportunity to utilize the power of social media to drive more engagement.

Within a couple of months of taking over, the page was averaging 7 new likes per day from targeted users who were real fans of the property.

Our strategies involved a more friendly social persona that engaged users with giveaways and brought personality to the hotel. Here are some sample posts.

Fun Facebook Page Post for Hotels Hotel Promotions for Holidays on Facebook

Social Media Contests for Hotels on Facebook

Holiday celebrations, getting to know the staff and featuring guests are all great ways to bring good vibes to your past, current and future guests. Why just post about promotions or ho-hum stuff when you can really shine some personality on your hotel and get people excited to interact with you!

While you build your Facebook momentum, take the next logical step and post to Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn while you’re at it. A software like Hootsuite makes it easy to post to all channels at once with minor modifications. Using this method, we can focus on content creation all in one place and spend the rest of our time actively growing your followers.

One of our favorite Twitter follower growth strategy is identify to top hotels in your area, get all of their followers and pay special attention to them ourselves with following activities. Overtime this audience becomes aware of you on Twitter and follows you back. Do this consistently and you’ll have a ton of followers before you know. We automate most of the process using software and employ a similar strategy with Instagram.

Our all time favorite strategy though is social media contests. There is no more reliable way to generate excitement than doing monthly giveaways to get your guests sharing and talking about you.

The Results a Hotel Social Media Contest Can Generate

Is your social media strategy all it can be? Let the Youth Noise team offer some pointers. Contact us today!

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