Case Study: How 3 Local SEO Clients Navigated Their Way To the Top of Google

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A simple fact that escapes many agencies and business owners is that no SEO strategy should be alike.

Sure there are some shared similarities and principles, but ultimately, a refined approach tailored to the niche, competition and industry will make a big difference.

Let’s go over a few our of clients and discuss the different approaches and the results generated.

Example 1

A plastic surgeon wanted to rank better for Rhinoplasty Philadelphia terms. We took at look at his site and immediately recognized we’d have to add a new page to make it possible since the homepage was already too relevant for another state.

Take a look at the results over time:

Example 1So how did we take the main keyword from position 26 to number 1? Based on experience, we’ve got an understand of what it takes to move a site like this. We needed industry specific authority links like plastic surgeon associations, we needed the right mix of consistent links going to the homepage and the relevant Philadelphia page, and we took a very general approach to the anchor text. The end result is a steady increase to the number 1 spot, even knocking RealSelf from it’s perch.

Example 2

Moving onto another client, this one was a Tint Shop in North Carolina and admittedly in an area where there wasn’t much competition. Still, he needed to get found and found a lot since he upended his entire family from NYC to NC after cashing out of his tint shop in Long Island.

Our agreement of ranking 3 cities to the top of Google went quickly enough as we obtained those rankings within 3 months. Even so, there wasn’t much traction or lead generation from those rankings. Fact was, it was a much smaller population than what he was used to and didn’t anticipate that there wouldn’t be as much demand.

So we put on our thinking caps, expanded his radius by 25 miles and targeted every city within the radius for SEO as well. These were the results.


We don’t expect anyone to be impressed by the ability to rank tinting keywords, which is usually a less online savvy space, but we are proud of our ability to do whatever it took to make sure our client was generating enough leads to be successful and earn for his family. There is lots of SEO gold hidden in lower competition industries if you have the right approach.

Example 3

When a PR firm reached out to us for SEO, we understood the competition pretty well considering we’d become a top ranked SEO company in San Francisco in our own right. This gave us some insights for understanding just how competitive the San Francisco area was, even for PR firms.

Upon diagnosing their site and seeing Google favored homepages more so than inner pages, we went to work optimizing the homepage. Here is the historical rankings.

Example 3It took some time to get from position 41 to position 5 but it’s well worth the wait. This particular firm was happy to provide us content, which took one piece of the puzzle off of our plate and let us focus on getting their citations in order and finding link placement opportunities on related blogs. This consistent approach along with transparent monthly reporting and meetings was good enough to have their keywords crack the top half of page 1 and be well on their way to the top.

Whether the industry is big or small, competitive or wide-open, the right game plan is necessary to achieve results and more importantly, not waste monthly with poor direction. Let Youth Noise be a partner that leads you to greater profitability. Contact us if you have any questions.

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