Can I Do Anything About Bloggers Writing About My Content and Not Giving Me the Proper Credit?

writingYou are going to see this often throughout the blog world. Web publishers will happily syndicate a story about content that they have gotten from another publisher. What we consider proper credit is getting a dofollow link going back to the client website. Link reconciliation is one way to ensure that proper credit is made.

When performing link recon, we will search the web high and low to discover the natural syndications that could have taken place from our placements, and when we put them in our promotions report we will classify them by link type. At this point we will determine whether or not we were given proper credit for the content. If we weren’t given credit, we will begin reaching out to publishers so that we can get the proper dofollow link pointing back to the client website.

At Youth Noise, when we begin working on the content creation portion for our clients, we will create a number of different assets that will provide additional value in many ways. This is important during the link recon process and it will work to our favor. We will provide publishers with the landing page relevant to the content that they are sharing that they will gladly link back to because it will provide readers with even more information on the relevant topic.

During the link recon process, there are certain things that you should look out for. They include:

  • Nofollow backlinks – publishers will usually give a nofollow link back to you for a reason. For the most part, they are worried that their website is going to lose the authority and only give paid dofollow backlinks. In this case, they did give proper credit by providing a link, so there’s no need to contact anyone.
  • Anchor text – while it would be nice to get the anchor text that you desire, you should never contact the publisher in order to get the right anchor text according to your wishes. If they have provided a link with anchor text they have done their job so learn to live with it. Plus Google is cracking down on keyword heavy anchor text and looks at this is unnatural link building.

Use this info to perform proper link recon now or in the future.

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