The Importance of Project Management For Marketing

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Many businesses and corporations today use and depend on project management tools to ensure the smooth running of business operations. Gone are the days when organizations would only use a rigid and hierarchical, as well as divided labor system to run the business. Today, virtually all businesses use automated project management systems to ensure optimal performance and profit realization. Project management is essentially very important in marketing.

Business processing and management tools help marketers to reach out to the vast majority of their target audience, which in return enables the business to record higher sales thus higher profit margins. Discussed below are some of the benefits of project management in marketing.

1. Project Planning:
Project planning is vital in every advertisement and marketing campaign. Marketers greatly benefit from project management tools as it enables them to identify and plan better, more practical marketing aspects to optimizing program delivery. Some of the marketing aspects that project managers have to consider include advertisement campaigns, digital marketing, direct marketing and distribution training and management campaigns. A well-planned marketing strategy has a higher probability of delivering higher returns on investment than an unplanned strategy.

2. Documentation and Task Management: There is more to marketing than just advertising your products to everyone you can reach. Marketing project management entails following a detailed and documented strategy for lead generation and audience conversion into potential and later, loyal customers. Every marketing step and task need to be well calculated to improve conversions and sales rates. It also ensures a follow-up is done on potential customers to ensure their queries and orders are responded to and processed in time.

3. Cost tracking and documentation: Every marketing campaign requires reasonable funding to help drive higher conversions and sales. Proper budgeting is therefore needed to ensure everything goes as planned. Cost tracking and documentation, therefore, helps marketers remain in track without overspending or directing most of their attention to one marketing campaign. Tracking costs and documenting everything also helps the company recover costs and work as per the budget allocated for marketing.

4. ROI (Return on Investment) analysis: Each marketing campaign or program needs to earn something back to the company. With dozens of marketing and advertisement campaigns implemented for all products and services (that the company does offer), identifying the most converting marketing campaign can be an intimidating task especially if there isn’t proper project management. Nonetheless, project management tools help marketers analyze returns on investment based on each marketing campaign, which makes it possible to identify both converting and non-converting ones. This then enables them (the marketers/the company) to decide on what should be done to improve sales and customer conversions.

5. Collective task management: Marketing is a collective task that requires specific management criteria for everything to run smoothly. With proper management, the marketing team should be able to deliver and drive more traffic and sales from each marketing campaign.

Based on the facts above (and many more), it is clear that project management is vital for the success of a business’ operations. It is through marketing that a company can drive sales and record sales; hence what makes proper management of marketing strategies and implementation vital.

Three Keys To Building Your Brand Through Social Media

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Although we have all heard the old advice: “Don’t judge a book by its cover” unfortunately, it is not as straight-forward as it may seem. It’s a natural human instinct to judge by appearances. Regardless of conscious intention, our physiological reaction to what we perceive is automatic and beyond our control. This means that no matter how great your product or service may be, people are going to judge it by what they perceive from your brand’s appearance.

Before the phenomenon of the internet, a business’s branding was developed through traditional advertising media. This was extremely expensive, producing results only over a long period of time. Word-of-mouth has always had the most powerful effect on business; and building a reputation for a brand that is reputable, reliable, and valuable has traditionally relied heavily on customers spreading the word. The progress of the internet has completely transformed the world of branding and building business; and social media platforms have provided a turbo-charged version of traditional word-of-mouth.

In order for a business to survive and thrive in today’s world, it is essential that it has an outstanding social media presence. Although the internet has made it easier for new businesses to gain exposure to global audiences, it has also increased the level of competition. It is no longer sufficient to simply provide an excellent service or product and advertise it; it is now vital to establish an excellent presence on social media, and to develop that presence into a brand that is recognized and trusted.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow businesses of all sizes and levels to connect with both existing clients and their target market; building relationships with those clients and prospects, and putting themselves in a position of trust. Human nature dictates that people are more likely to buy from those they feel they have a relationship with and can trust. Creating a powerful online presence can take a business from rock bottom to success in a very short time-frame.

Three Keys To Building A Powerful Brand Through Social Media:

1. Plan ahead
Since the profile you create on social media for your business is the most powerful way of presenting yourself to your target market, it is essential you take the time to plan ahead. Make sure that you have finalized your image, mission statement, values, and policies before you start. You profile, posts and replies to comments should always reflect these qualities.

2. Be Consistent
Keeping your engagement with your clients and prospects consistent is crucial to the success of building your brand. Make sure that your posts are up to date, and that you reply to all questions and complaints from your audience as quickly as you would return a phone call from a client or prospect. Schedule regular time in your daily diary to take care of posting new, helpful information or tips to your profile and to reply to messages and comments.

3. Use Engaging Content
With the volume of information available online, most people scan longer posts rather than read them, unless they feel engaged by the information. Using clear, short posts with striking or humorous images will help to not only grab your audience’s attention, but will improve your chances of having them share your posts with their friends.

Making your online presence a priority is the fastest, easiest way to build your brand and your business. Keep in mind that you are developing a personal connection with each individual in your audience. Listening to their responses and providing effective solutions will result in a loyal, enthusiastic following with high conversions to sales.

Ways in Which Your Business Participate in Charitable Works For the Youth

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How can your business participate in charitable works for the youth? Business plays a major role in influencing young people through active engagement throughout their own communities. Every company has a role, big or small, in the greater community. And it’s important for leaders to consider new ways to foster a community connection for their company and employees as well. Business can engage themselves in charitable works for the youth through the following;

You can involve your business via funding Priorities. Business should respond to needs in the community proactively and strategically by way of grants and financial support to create positive social change by providing funding to scale out and develop curriculum for non¬-profit youth programs. Providing for young people who are disconnected economically or socially excluded with opportunities to participate in decision making process to ensure their full involvement in society.

Your business can engage in helpful work for the youth by setting up a drop-in center that must carry out structured and focused activities that are clearly directed toward addressing or inhibiting specific evils facing youth and can be operated to prevent or address problems such as violent behavior of at-risk youth by helping them improve anger management skills and addressing drug addiction among youth by offering self-help and peer support programs. For drop in-centers to illustrate that their activities are focused, structured, and evidently directed to addressing or averting specific problems facing young people, drop-in centers can use suitable qualification criteria and selection processes to choose individuals that will interact with youth.

Social and recreational activities. This needs to be structured in a way that they provide benefit to the youth activities such as movie nights, concerts, and youth dances that are supervised by responsible and qualified individuals focused in dealing with issues that critically affect the youth. This boosts the organization’s reputation.

Advancement in education. Your business can participate in charitable youth works by enabling the youth to advance in their education by providing information and training activities in a structured and organized manner that solely lies on improving the lives of individuals in the society by various ways such as teaching a job seeking and interview and job interview skills, second language and practical business training and experience.

Sports Activities. Your business can engage in charitable work for youngsters by engaging in sports activities that must demonstrate that the activity is a structured and focused attempt to address an identified youth issues. Practical proof of a causal linking between the activity and the delivery of the charitable benefit is needed. An example is when involvement in sports activities is shown to be part of a planned program to prevent the youth at the risk.

Giving young people participation and influencing roles. It is crucial to consider youth’s value of manipulating and putting their weight behind an organization, especially in participation and influencing roles. A company should create young people’s advisory group that are valued as a board because the direction they give teams can often mean the variance between a piece of work succeeding and failing.

Your responsibility to contribute to the youth is not limited however to certain charity works. Bookmark Website Builder, for example, contributes a portion of every sale to provide clean water to underprivileged nations. Empowering the youth could be sparked with something as simple as clean water.

Reasons Why SEO And PR Teams Need To Be On The Same Page

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The search engine optimization game has undoubtedly changed for the last couple of years. A few years back, SEO was all just about ranking high on the search engines, but now it is all about content and relevance. You might have a page that has all the links leading back to it, but if you lack quality content, you are never coming close to the top spot.

You might have come across the question, Is PR the new SEO? Well, as of now, SEO is one of the main strategies of building awareness of companies and organizations, and therefore, PR professionals have seen the need to employ SEO into their current tactics and strategies.

When it comes to creating a strong brand, PR and SEO create a great team. A company will be taking the creative aspects of PR and the research elements of search engine optimization and combining them into one powerful strategy. PR and SEO enhance themselves into a few various ways. The aim for SEO is to drive traffic while PR is concerned in spreading the organization’s message. When both are combined, they create a message that is clearly noticed online.

In this article, we will be taking a look at why the PR and SEO team need to be at the same page, a little bit deeper.

The Company Gets Better Exposure

We have already established the fact that the main concern of PR is to create exposure by sending the company’s message. Well, this can be in the form of press releases, interviews, launches and product reviews. Therefore, it is important that the PR’s schedule is shared with the SEO team. The team will expand these campaigns so that they can get more exposure. By extending the outreach, the company will be increasing its influence as well as exposure, which boosts the reputation of the entire business online.

PR and SEO Nurture Long Lasting Relationships

SEO and PR can be learned, however, nothing is more valuable than the relationships created through these strategies. Most people take PR strictly for reputation management and SEO for gaining links only. Even though these perceptions can be correct, both strategies can be expanded.

Search engine optimization requires PR as it is the best method to build organic SEO. PR is more than just managing the reputation of a brand. It is responsible for the relationships a company gets with people influenced by the brand. It helps a company create these organic relationships and be able to maintain them overtime. After these relationships have been established, a company gets a foundation for organic SEO strategy.

Sharing Contacts

PR companies will have a list of contacts and these are usually the first to be notified of anything in regards to the company. They are the ones public relation people will look for when they want exposure. The SEO team will have a list of external blog and website targets and by sharing the contacts, the PR team will learn about the analytics of the site while the SEO team learns how lasting relationships are created.

The PR and SEO Teams Build A Better Media Relations Strategy

SEO and PR enhance each other when creating effective media relation strategies. PR helps discover the angle of the company’s story while the SEO team helps in finding ways to make the content reach the right and targeted audiences.

It is Fair To Say Both Belong Together

When SEO changed, so did the focus. Today, quality content tells it all, and information that is engaging and causes interactions takes the top spot. So, website pages need to promote informative content and if this sounds familiar, that is what PR experts have been doing all along. So, if great content leads to brand awareness, and this leads to people sharing the content, bringing i more users to see and share the content, then it is fair to say that SEO and PR belong together.

The Importance Of Continuing Education Through Online Materials

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Continuing education is an excellent option for students who have goals to attain and wish to make the most of their time. Whether it is to pursue a better job or to simply earn a degree, this is the path to take. With the advancements seen in the world of technology, online materials have become a common option for students who want to get through such a journey without having to move around. This is where access to online materials is going to make a student’s life easier. Let’s take a look at the importance of these online materials for students.

Easier Access

Popping open one’s laptop and knowing all of the critical online materials are in place can save time. It makes life easier in general for students who want to focus on what they are learning. Easier access is essential in this day and age, which enables students to maximize their studying time in general.

Access is never to be ignored and is one of the reasons online materials have been made available for students who are pursuing further education. It doesn’t matter what program one is in, online materials being accessible makes things better for one and all.


Online materials are an excellent option for students who want something that is simpler. Going through the hassle of other methods to attain requisite materials have been left in the past. Continuing education is not as challenging with regards to getting your hands on the materials and being able to work based on personal requirements.

The simplicity of the process makes it easier to attain higher grades and remain focused on the task at hand to achieve personal goals. This is one less hurdle for people to get concerned about when it comes to reaching the dreams they have set for themselves.

Ensures Customization Is Possible

Continuing education is important and requires meticulous attention to detail on the part of each student going down this path. It can be challenging to have one’s schedule built around the program that is being worked on. This might have been easier when you were younger, but that is not always the case at an older age. This is why online materials are an excellent method to ensure customization is possible for all students. You are able to access them from anywhere with any device ensuring the schedule will be built around the person’s requirements rather than the other way around.

The importance of continuing education is undeniable for those who are wishing to reach personal goals and attain new heights in their career path. However, without the help of quality online materials and being able to access them with relative ease, most students would not be able to go down this path at all. This challenge is not as significant as it used to be due to the set up in place with regards to online materials being easy to find and make the most of.

How Your Successful Business Can Give Back To The Community

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In the early years of a business, entrepreneurs are focused solely on gaining market share and success. Bill Gates is a notable case. Once his business dominated the market and the internal structure was stable enough to maintain and grow the business, the richest man in the world turned his attention to giving back to the world around him.

It isn’t necessary to reach that kind of success before a successful business gives back to the community. Entrepreneurs all over the globe are earning the love and respect of their communities with their charitable gifts. Here are a few ways that your business can become a pillar of the community.

1. Sponsor or contribute to a school event

It’s no secret that schools are struggling to keep their arts programs. Companies can sponsor field trips, buy a musical instrument, or arrange for an artist to come for a special teach-in at a local high school. The good news is that these types of contributions are also welcome for sports activities, special needs children, and science activities. Find out what’s going on in your school district and see how you can help.

2. Establish a college scholarship fund

To ensure that the youth of today can become the leaders of tomorrow, why not help a deserving student get their college education. Many companies establish scholarship funds to honor the memory of a company founder. These awards can be made for students planning on studying at a particular institution or in a specific program of study. Talk to a representative at an area high school or university to see what you need to do to establish a fund.

3. Sponsor a green space in your community

Area parks are always in need of maintenance and upgrades. Why not work with a local parks committee and contribute funds for pathways, playgrounds, and plantings. Not only will you enrich the lives of others by doing so, but, if you are local, you will also get a chance to wander the grounds and experience the beauty. Parks are a source of civic pride and are often gifted with extras by area businesses and citizens.

4. Sponsor a local athletic team

This time honored tradition is a favorite of many local businesses. As a contributor, you’ll get the chance to see how proud the kids are to play in their new jerseys. Many athletic programs are also looking for sporting equipment and improvements for their facilities. It’s a great way to create stronger communities.

5. Reach out to those in need at food banks and homeless shelters

When hard times hit, food banks and homeless shelters are there for them. During the holiday season, donations peak. However, it is during the rest of the year that contributions are most needed. Sponsor an employee food drive during the spring or summer months to help fill the gap. Plan on matching every donation with company funds to make the gift go further.

Tips To Find Bloggers To Speak To

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Blogging is an art and there are many approaches to the concept of gaining traffic and authority in a niche. There are numerous successful bloggers out there who have taken massive strides in the right direction as time has gone on. This is why it is imperative to sit down and take a look at all of the options in front of you to ensure you are going down the right path as well. Let’s take a glance at what you can do in order to find bloggers who have been successful and even those who are learning at this point in time to get a feel for what you have to do to increase search engine rankings.

LinkedIn Groups Include Major Players

The best method would be to go on LinkedIn Groups to find bloggers. It is one of the best networking options in the world for any professional and the same goes for bloggers who are in the business of getting things done.

You will be able to spread out your contact list and truly get a feel for this way of living.

Google+ Communities Can Build Foundation

Google+ has been around for a long time and through its ‘Communities’ feature, you will be able to find communities in your niche where bloggers are communicating. It is a wonderful way to connect and you will be able to find quite a lot of people this way as most of them are going to be on the platform.

FaceBook Groups Are Powerful

FaceBook is filled with bloggers who are ready to connect and spread out their network. If you are someone who is looking to get a feel for the world of blogging and really want to hone in on specific niches, you are going to realize the value of these groups.

A simple search is going to help pop up groups of bloggers who are communicating with one another through this social media platform. It is truly powerful and engaging.

Seeking Out Related Bloggers In Your Niche Via Email

Yes, the good ol’ idea of cold calling or, in this case, e-mailing can go a long way to the surprise of many. It does not have to be all about joining communities and/or groups in a bid to find like-minded individuals. In fact, if you want to talk to a blogger in your niche, why not get access to their contact e-mail and give them a shout?

You will be surprised as to how many will be able to exchange pleasantries over e-mail.

These tips should go a long way in finding bloggers who can give you tips along the way to ensure you are as successful as you can be. Your potential is still untapped and with the help of those who are already blogging, you will be able to get the most out of yourself as needed. There is no reason to waste time with a solution where you don’t know what is going on. With guidance, you can go a long way.

Communications In The World Of SEO

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The significance of a brand and establishing its power in the world of commerce has always been a substantial reality. Yet, online this has not been as established as it should be and that has led to most people focusing on regular SEO practices. Those used to work, but communications is a new player in the ball game and is working like magic at this point in time. Communications is easily the new SEO for those who are hoping to drive traffic onto their site and push for major conversions. Let’s take a look at what communications has to do with helping online sites.

Builds A Rapport

Communications is similar to SEO because the goal is to build a rapport. The ‘target’ has to be sought after and interested in what is being presented to them whether it is a product or content. If the rapport and trust is not there, they will not engage.

Communications, when used properly, will make sure a certain trust is being built through what is being projected to the target market. This is going to make a substantial difference in results and will help push a site to the top of its niche.

Better Engagement

Engagement is the reason people pursue SEO in the first place. The goal is to drive in more targeted traffic and ensure they are interested in what is being said and will eventually convert. Now, everyone is going to have different conversion requirements with some requiring e-mails from their leads, while others pushing for sales on products they have launched.

It does not matter what the goal is, engagement is key.

Communications are going to ensure this is the case and the results will come in as needed. SEO is just about ranking and building trust while communication is going to go the extra mile to really drive home the point and build this relationship that will last.

Leads To Enhanced Targeting

Targeting is imperative when you are trying to get down to a sub-selection of individuals who are going to come in and engage. Communications, when done properly, will lead to significant results right off the bat.

SEO is not even able to provide this kind of enhanced targeting. This is going to go the extra mile to ensure the traffic coming in is not only reaching large numbers but is ultra-targeted. The conversion process becomes that much easier when this happens.

Some are saying SEO in its truest sense is dying out and communications is replacing it. With the world of social media showing how target market in all niches can be reached, communications is not going to be dying out anytime soon. tt has carved a place for itself in the market and the results are there for one and all to see. The power this concept has for those who are looking to maximize their site and garner more leads is unbeatable. There is no other option that yields this kind of quality traffic.

SEO In 25 Years – Why Some Websites Faded And Others Thrived

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Businessmen know that in order to thrive and be continuously successful in business, it’s NOT a good idea to build on the things that made the business a success. In fact, doing this can actually make your business sink, like in the case of VHS companies that went bankrupt with the arrival of the DVD. The same is true in Search Engine Optimization – you cannot build on the past to succeed in the future.

In this article, we’re going to breeze through 25 years of SEO to identify trends in the industry, so you may know why certain websites thrived while others faded into the background as Google’s algorithm changed.

SEO was in its early stages between 1991 to 2002. At first it was a simple single-celled organism. At this stage, the guys at Excite were trying to find ways to organize content on the Internet. In 1993, the first search engine turned up search results based on the keywords found in the content. In 1994, Yahoo entered the search game, followed by Google in 1997. Both companies improved Excite’s platform in indexing and delivering information.

In this early stage of SEO, practically anything goes. Marketers leveraged keyword stuffing, spammy backlinking, and excessive tagging.

In the wake of blackhat SEO tactics, Google took charge and penalized bad backlinking as well as keyword stuffing to improve indexing. This was between 2003 to 2005.

Since that time until the present moment, Google has made many, many updates to its search engine algorithm to reflect the growing trends of Internet usage. Now, it’s all about the users and their experience on the website. This sounds simple enough, however, when translated to algorithm language, we are talking about at least 200 factors that Google considers to rank a website.

In all those changes, there were many websites that disappeared from the search engine rankings, yet there were those that thrived and even shot up in the search engine results, making you wonder: What’s the secret of these successful websites?

Taking the analogy in business, these websites did not only focus on the current factors for ranking, they also focused on trends that might affect the search engine algorithm in the future. The successful and most profitable website owners notice when something new might affect how people use the Internet.

Nowhere is this fact more glaringly real than in the case of social signals. At first, SEO experts thought social media websites like Facebook would be in direct competition with Google in terms of popularity, however, it was only a matter of time before Google included it in the algorithm.

The websites that thrived in the social media update understood that Google is bound to make that change as people changed the way they consume information online. We can expect to see more changes in the future. However, these changes will only help Google maintain its nature as a search engine, which is to provide relevant content.