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Local Vs Nationwide SEO

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Marketing requires attention to detail and an understanding of the demographics being targeted. Certain campaigns are going to be restricted to local audiences (i.e. towns and cities) while others are going to extend to the entire nation depending on the brand’s range and desired target market. Generally, larger brands focus on a nationwide campaign and small businesses restrict themselves to the area they are housed in. Let’s take a look at how this changes up the approach taken to SEO and the marketing being done for the business as a whole. It is essential to compare local vs nationwide SEO to get a better understanding of which approach is best suited for your business and if the SEO company your hire is up for the task.

Emphasis On Using Location Indicators

Local SEO is built on the premise of using location indicators. This could include the city name, zip code, famous attractions in the city, and other related information locals can jive with. This is where a lot of personalization can be done for the SEO campaign being run.

Nationwide Targets Broader Keywords

Nationwide campaigns are going to be targeting broad keywords and not personalizing their approach as much. The goal is to hit all of the major keywords a person from any part of the nation would search up in Google and/or related search engines.

Aggressive Campaigns Are Reserved For Nationwide Campaigns

Nationwide campaigns tend to be done on a larger scale due to the competition for the keywords. Imagine being one of two bakeries in a city, now imagine you are competing with multiple big budget bakeries all at once. The former option seems easier doesn’t it?

This is why nationwide SEO tends to require further focus, a bigger budget, and aggressive campaigning to see results. Anything else in such a situation is not going to suffice and the business is going to lag behind. It is imperative to sit down and put together a plan in accordance with these needs and remain aggressive.

Importance Given To Personalized With Local SEO

This is another factor often seen with local SEO and should be taken into account. The demographic being targeted is narrow and, therefore, the business has more to work with online. How is this possible? There is a lot more personalization that can be done in accordance with where the business is housed, local interests, and other related information. It is easier to connect with people and this can help the site rank in major search engines.

These are the difference between the two types of SEO and many times the similarities can lead to ignorance in one’s approach. It is essential to sit down and map together a reasonable campaign based on expectations rather than wasting time with an approach that is not going to cut it for the market being targeted. Attention to detail is essential and the crafting of a campaign is always going to begin by pinpointing the target market and moving forward from there. This can also have an impact on the budgeting as well, which should be kept in mind at all times.

The 5 Factors That Ensure That Your Website Is SEO Optimized

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If you run your own website, you have undoubtedly heard a great deal about SEO, or search engine optimization, over the years. You have probably received all sorts of offers promising great results from this process. While SEO is important, you also need to make sure that you know which factors are really important and which are less critical.

Understanding the relative importance of these factors will help you use your time and energy most efficiently. You do not want to waste a lot of effort on something that will do very little for your bottom line.

1. Content

When you boil SEO down to the basics, it is primarily about the quality of your content. After all, this is the goal of a search engine: to return a list of the sites that offer the most relevant and highest quality content on a certain topic. If you are able to provide unique content that provides valuable information to people, you are already a step ahead of the competition.

2. Site Structure

While great content is key, you also need to make sure that it is organized in a way that makes it easy to find. If your site structure is a mess, not only will people have a hard time finding what they need, so will the search engines. The more organized and well-structured your site is, the easier it will be for Google and other search engines to index and rank your content.

3. Links From Other Sites

Next to the quality of your content, the number of other sites that link to your website is the most important factor in determining your search ranking. In the early days of search, this was the insight that the founders of Google had. If a lot of sites link to one particular site, this is probably a sign that it is an authority on a subject and should therefore be highly ranked.

However, you need to remember that not all links carry the same weight. A link from a very popular and highly-regarded site will give you a bigger boost than hundreds of links from anonymous sites that no one ever visits. You need to focus on attracting links from other sites that are highly ranked for the best results.

4. Frequent Updates

No matter how many links you have or how great your content is, if you never add anything new to your site, your ranking will suffer. Even adding new content infrequently or at irregular intervals can hurt. You need to make sure that you update your site regularly with fresh content so that your site does not seem stale.

5. Mobile Optimization

In today’s world, more and more people are going online via smartphones and other mobile devices, rather than with a desktop PC. You need to make sure that your site is optimized to appear properly on such devices. Google is beginning to penalize sites that are not optimized for mobile, so you cannot afford to neglect this area.

These factors are critical in determining your search ranking. Be sure that you have invested enough time and energy in these areas.

Helpful Advice When Trying To Create Link Building Opportunities That Work Very Well

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The business world has undergone many changes over the last 20 years thanks to the power and global reach of the internet. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages to the internet if you run a business, since now you are competing with others on a much larger scale. The bigger benefits of the internet are mainly anyone with a computer and online access can start a business relatively cheap.

Now that you are aware of the ease of which you can start a business, the next step of course is how do you go about getting people to come to your website. That is of course if you plan on setting up a website and marketing your products and services online which is what most people do.

In the past it was pretty straightforward when trying to attract consumers to your website. You would simply place as many links as possible on tons of different websites hoping people would click on them and bring them to your site. Or you would send out tons of spam email, but as we know that is now frowned upon and will quickly get your banned from your hosting provider.

Aside from search engine optimization and all the other traditional methods of driving traffic to your website, it is still very important to look for good link building opportunities. All of the search engines constantly tweak their methods in how they rank websites, with your goal of course to be at the very top or at least on page one of places like Google and Yahoo!.

There are many websites out there who try to sell you packages that promise excellent link building strategies that will instantly drive traffic to your website, but are these good opportunities and cost effective? Most likely not because you are trusting the reputation of your business in the hands of companies that are in an industry that sells products which most likely won’t work. This is because the search engines are looking for highly relevant links which means they want to see links to websites that are up on all the latest trends.

The best link building opportunities are with with websites who have updated content that is highly relevant to what is going on today. Like your website, in order to do well in the eyes of the search engines you need to have highly relevant and most importantly unique content that people are searching for. Too many business owners make the mistake of thinking that any link will work just as long as you get as many out there, but that simply is not the case and you will get penalized by the search engines.

It requires a lot of hard work on your part to find the websites that are willing to share links with you because they need to be just as committed as you are to updated content. This does not happen overnight, which is why these link building software programs are mostly outdated and a waste of money.

You can hire a full service online marketing firm to keep track of the updated trends and help you with link building if you are too busy running your business. That truly is the best way to go about link building properly. You either do it yourself or hire a reputable marketing firm to scout out the best opportunities, otherwise putting down random links all over the internet will never work.

The Importance of Real Time Social Media Updates for Breaking Stories in SEO

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TVs and newspapers were once at the top of the monopoly of the dissemination of new, but that has all changed. Today, the internet is considered the main news platform, which has seen an audience decline for TVs and newspapers that is almost headed to a stall.

One of the biggest and most influential element on the World Wide Web that has a global following as a top source of new is social media network. While the use of social media in search engine optimization is vital, the effects of leveraging social media for SEO have only scratched the surface of what is possible.

According to statistics, around 90% of all internet users access it using a mobile device (phone, laptop, or tablet) and the biggest share going to smartphones. In America, more than half of is citizens get some form of news, both local and international, on a mobile device. The same is echoed across other countries that have a higher mobile phone use.

The amazing thing is that most of the news is sourced from social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The modern age reports are not those seated behind a desk typing away to create content for newspapers or the report behind a camera capturing events. News is now a thing for the “average Joe” who has a bit of writing skill and has a camera at hand.

Anyone with a cellphone is a potential videographer, and that person able to write a blog is a potential reporter. Such are the players that are driving the rate at which breaking news is disseminated, and not just for keeping people informed but also for the purpose of SEO. Theirs is a platform with endless possibilities – the social media network.

So how is the use of social media in the dissemination of real time breaking stories and events a huge plus for SEO efforts? The answer is rather obvious, but only for those that actually know how to leverage social media. For those looking into making the most of this vast network, here are a few things worth noting:

• Breaking news will often be a trending topic on various social media sites – which is almost an indisputable fact. As such, anything trending will be a perfect tool for creating online traffic, which is what SEO generally targets. Therefore, finding a way to associate your website with not just any breaking news but news that is relevant to your business or website’s objectives will be a way of generating online traffic.

• Search engines such a Bing, Google, and Yahoo have a real time search option, which is a move that includes the use of live updates from social media sites and blogs to source trending topics and new for search results. As such, this offers optimizers and online markets the perfect opportunity to increase their online visibility as they find ways of leveraging real time searches, which include those trending in social media sites.

• The best bit about it all is that it creates the perception that the blogger are social media account holder is a resourceful and well-informed person or individuals. If you are always in the know, current with what is trending even if it is breaking news that you will be at reputable “influencer”, which is a huge bonus for any online marker of search engine optimizer.

The Importance of Project Management For Marketing

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Many businesses and corporations today use and depend on project management tools to ensure the smooth running of business operations. Gone are the days when organizations would only use a rigid and hierarchical, as well as divided labor system to run the business. Today, virtually all businesses use automated project management systems to ensure optimal performance and profit realization. Project management is essentially very important in marketing.

Business processing and management tools help marketers to reach out to the vast majority of their target audience, which in return enables the business to record higher sales thus higher profit margins. Discussed below are some of the benefits of project management in marketing.

1. Project Planning:
Project planning is vital in every advertisement and marketing campaign. Marketers greatly benefit from project management tools as it enables them to identify and plan better, more practical marketing aspects to optimizing program delivery. Some of the marketing aspects that project managers have to consider include advertisement campaigns, digital marketing, direct marketing and distribution training and management campaigns. A well-planned marketing strategy has a higher probability of delivering higher returns on investment than an unplanned strategy.

2. Documentation and Task Management: There is more to marketing than just advertising your products to everyone you can reach. Marketing project management entails following a detailed and documented strategy for lead generation and audience conversion into potential and later, loyal customers. Every marketing step and task need to be well calculated to improve conversions and sales rates. It also ensures a follow-up is done on potential customers to ensure their queries and orders are responded to and processed in time.

3. Cost tracking and documentation: Every marketing campaign requires reasonable funding to help drive higher conversions and sales. Proper budgeting is therefore needed to ensure everything goes as planned. Cost tracking and documentation, therefore, helps marketers remain in track without overspending or directing most of their attention to one marketing campaign. Tracking costs and documenting everything also helps the company recover costs and work as per the budget allocated for marketing.

4. ROI (Return on Investment) analysis: Each marketing campaign or program needs to earn something back to the company. With dozens of marketing and advertisement campaigns implemented for all products and services (that the company does offer), identifying the most converting marketing campaign can be an intimidating task especially if there isn’t proper project management. Nonetheless, project management tools help marketers analyze returns on investment based on each marketing campaign, which makes it possible to identify both converting and non-converting ones. This then enables them (the marketers/the company) to decide on what should be done to improve sales and customer conversions.

5. Collective task management: Marketing is a collective task that requires specific management criteria for everything to run smoothly. With proper management, the marketing team should be able to deliver and drive more traffic and sales from each marketing campaign.

Based on the facts above (and many more), it is clear that project management is vital for the success of a business’ operations. It is through marketing that a company can drive sales and record sales; hence what makes proper management of marketing strategies and implementation vital.

Three Keys To Building Your Brand Through Social Media

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Although we have all heard the old advice: “Don’t judge a book by its cover” unfortunately, it is not as straight-forward as it may seem. It’s a natural human instinct to judge by appearances. Regardless of conscious intention, our physiological reaction to what we perceive is automatic and beyond our control. This means that no matter how great your product or service may be, people are going to judge it by what they perceive from your brand’s appearance.

Before the phenomenon of the internet, a business’s branding was developed through traditional advertising media. This was extremely expensive, producing results only over a long period of time. Word-of-mouth has always had the most powerful effect on business; and building a reputation for a brand that is reputable, reliable, and valuable has traditionally relied heavily on customers spreading the word. The progress of the internet has completely transformed the world of branding and building business; and social media platforms have provided a turbo-charged version of traditional word-of-mouth.

In order for a business to survive and thrive in today’s world, it is essential that it has an outstanding social media presence. Although the internet has made it easier for new businesses to gain exposure to global audiences, it has also increased the level of competition. It is no longer sufficient to simply provide an excellent service or product and advertise it; it is now vital to establish an excellent presence on social media, and to develop that presence into a brand that is recognized and trusted.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow businesses of all sizes and levels to connect with both existing clients and their target market; building relationships with those clients and prospects, and putting themselves in a position of trust. Human nature dictates that people are more likely to buy from those they feel they have a relationship with and can trust. Creating a powerful online presence can take a business from rock bottom to success in a very short time-frame.

Three Keys To Building A Powerful Brand Through Social Media:

1. Plan ahead
Since the profile you create on social media for your business is the most powerful way of presenting yourself to your target market, it is essential you take the time to plan ahead. Make sure that you have finalized your image, mission statement, values, and policies before you start. You profile, posts and replies to comments should always reflect these qualities.

2. Be Consistent
Keeping your engagement with your clients and prospects consistent is crucial to the success of building your brand. Make sure that your posts are up to date, and that you reply to all questions and complaints from your audience as quickly as you would return a phone call from a client or prospect. Schedule regular time in your daily diary to take care of posting new, helpful information or tips to your profile and to reply to messages and comments.

3. Use Engaging Content
With the volume of information available online, most people scan longer posts rather than read them, unless they feel engaged by the information. Using clear, short posts with striking or humorous images will help to not only grab your audience’s attention, but will improve your chances of having them share your posts with their friends.

Making your online presence a priority is the fastest, easiest way to build your brand and your business. Keep in mind that you are developing a personal connection with each individual in your audience. Listening to their responses and providing effective solutions will result in a loyal, enthusiastic following with high conversions to sales.

Ways in Which Your Business Participate in Charitable Works For the Youth

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How can your business participate in charitable works for the youth? Business plays a major role in influencing young people through active engagement throughout their own communities. Every company has a role, big or small, in the greater community. And it’s important for leaders to consider new ways to foster a community connection for their company and employees as well. Business can engage themselves in charitable works for the youth through the following;

You can involve your business via funding Priorities. Business should respond to needs in the community proactively and strategically by way of grants and financial support to create positive social change by providing funding to scale out and develop curriculum for non¬-profit youth programs. Providing for young people who are disconnected economically or socially excluded with opportunities to participate in decision making process to ensure their full involvement in society.

Your business can engage in helpful work for the youth by setting up a drop-in center that must carry out structured and focused activities that are clearly directed toward addressing or inhibiting specific evils facing youth and can be operated to prevent or address problems such as violent behavior of at-risk youth by helping them improve anger management skills and addressing drug addiction among youth by offering self-help and peer support programs. For drop in-centers to illustrate that their activities are focused, structured, and evidently directed to addressing or averting specific problems facing young people, drop-in centers can use suitable qualification criteria and selection processes to choose individuals that will interact with youth.

Social and recreational activities. This needs to be structured in a way that they provide benefit to the youth activities such as movie nights, concerts, and youth dances that are supervised by responsible and qualified individuals focused in dealing with issues that critically affect the youth. This boosts the organization’s reputation.

Advancement in education. Your business can participate in charitable youth works by enabling the youth to advance in their education by providing information and training activities in a structured and organized manner that solely lies on improving the lives of individuals in the society by various ways such as teaching a job seeking and interview and job interview skills, second language and practical business training and experience.

Sports Activities. Your business can engage in charitable work for youngsters by engaging in sports activities that must demonstrate that the activity is a structured and focused attempt to address an identified youth issues. Practical proof of a causal linking between the activity and the delivery of the charitable benefit is needed. An example is when involvement in sports activities is shown to be part of a planned program to prevent the youth at the risk.

Giving young people participation and influencing roles. It is crucial to consider youth’s value of manipulating and putting their weight behind an organization, especially in participation and influencing roles. A company should create young people’s advisory group that are valued as a board because the direction they give teams can often mean the variance between a piece of work succeeding and failing.

Your responsibility to contribute to the youth is not limited however to certain charity works. Bookmark Website Builder, for example, contributes a portion of every sale to provide clean water to underprivileged nations. Empowering the youth could be sparked with something as simple as clean water.

Reasons Why SEO And PR Teams Need To Be On The Same Page

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The search engine optimization game has undoubtedly changed for the last couple of years. A few years back, SEO was all just about ranking high on the search engines, but now it is all about content and relevance. You might have a page that has all the links leading back to it, but if you lack quality content, you are never coming close to the top spot.

You might have come across the question, Is PR the new SEO? Well, as of now, SEO is one of the main strategies of building awareness of companies and organizations, and therefore, PR professionals have seen the need to employ SEO into their current tactics and strategies.

When it comes to creating a strong brand, PR and SEO create a great team. A company will be taking the creative aspects of PR and the research elements of search engine optimization and combining them into one powerful strategy. PR and SEO enhance themselves into a few various ways. The aim for SEO is to drive traffic while PR is concerned in spreading the organization’s message. When both are combined, they create a message that is clearly noticed online.

In this article, we will be taking a look at why the PR and SEO team need to be at the same page, a little bit deeper.

The Company Gets Better Exposure

We have already established the fact that the main concern of PR is to create exposure by sending the company’s message. Well, this can be in the form of press releases, interviews, launches and product reviews. Therefore, it is important that the PR’s schedule is shared with the SEO team. The team will expand these campaigns so that they can get more exposure. By extending the outreach, the company will be increasing its influence as well as exposure, which boosts the reputation of the entire business online.

PR and SEO Nurture Long Lasting Relationships

SEO and PR can be learned, however, nothing is more valuable than the relationships created through these strategies. Most people take PR strictly for reputation management and SEO for gaining links only. Even though these perceptions can be correct, both strategies can be expanded.

Search engine optimization requires PR as it is the best method to build organic SEO. PR is more than just managing the reputation of a brand. It is responsible for the relationships a company gets with people influenced by the brand. It helps a company create these organic relationships and be able to maintain them overtime. After these relationships have been established, a company gets a foundation for organic SEO strategy.

Sharing Contacts

PR companies will have a list of contacts and these are usually the first to be notified of anything in regards to the company. They are the ones public relation people will look for when they want exposure. The SEO team will have a list of external blog and website targets and by sharing the contacts, the PR team will learn about the analytics of the site while the SEO team learns how lasting relationships are created.

The PR and SEO Teams Build A Better Media Relations Strategy

SEO and PR enhance each other when creating effective media relation strategies. PR helps discover the angle of the company’s story while the SEO team helps in finding ways to make the content reach the right and targeted audiences.

It is Fair To Say Both Belong Together

When SEO changed, so did the focus. Today, quality content tells it all, and information that is engaging and causes interactions takes the top spot. So, website pages need to promote informative content and if this sounds familiar, that is what PR experts have been doing all along. So, if great content leads to brand awareness, and this leads to people sharing the content, bringing i more users to see and share the content, then it is fair to say that SEO and PR belong together.