Digital Assets With SEO And Optimizing Them

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Several elements are involved when trying to optimize a website today. However, amidst all these things, the most important thing is that the website serves as a good marketing avenue by generating leads. In search engine optimization, there are the digital assets that make use of the SEO tricks and techniques. With the fast evolution and development of the internet, more people are investing in the digital assets so that they can improve the user experience. A digital asset is simply anything that you put online for SEO purposes. Digital asset optimization helps optimize those assets and promotes them as well. Let us look at some of the digital assets you can have with SEO and how to optimize them as well.


Videos are one of the most used digital assets today in SEO. They greatly help improve the user experience and if optimized, they can boost a website in a great deal. For optimization of videos, it is important to insert a text line that describes any video you have embedded in your website. If you collect video content on your site, ensure that you get good reviews and many views so that the videos can help you rank well. Make sure you always optimize the titles of the videos and their respective descriptions on your website and even on the videos’ website. Building a dedicated Google Video Sitemap is also a good idea since it helps them find your videos with ease. Lastly, point out some links on your videos on YouTube so that they can have a chance to be placed in Google’s universal search results.

Audio Assets

These are the other assets you can have with SEO. They are very beneficial to your rankings only if they are well optimized. With the audio assets, ensure that you get a text embedded round your podcast so that the search engines can be able to read the asset’s context. Do not make a mistake of putting several podcasts on a single page with the notion that the search engines will sort them. The best way to go is to build a design whereby each audio asset has its page that can have its unique title and tag.

Image Assets

The image assets are very important in SEO. Image search is one of the major contributors to traffic towards your website. Most people like seeing images in the search results and if you optimize your images well, you will surely get traffic to your website. In optimizing them, you should first name your image files with suitable keywords. You should also put optimized text near the images when coding your page. In the Google webmaster tool, make it a point of allowing permission for Google image labeler to have access to your images.

Above are some of the digital assets you can have with SEO and how they can be optimized to help your website rank. Some of the other assets include PDFs, eBooks, brochures, whitepapers and webinars among others.

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