Are There Any Risks to Blogger Outreach?

writing bloggerWhile there are certainly risks to blogger outreach, the benefits are tremendous so it is definitely well worth it to make these connections. As a matter of fact, the largest risk that you take when touching base with top-tier publishers is having an uneducated representative send an email on your behalf.

At Youth Noise, the company owners got together and created a training guide that ensures that all of our associates are educated correctly before they ever perform any type of blogger outreach on behalf of any of our clients.

In fact, we always vet each and every one of our associates. They have a three-month intern process that they must undergo before stepping out on their own. And during this three-month process, each associate will receive hands-on training each day. This allows them to grow in confidence and skill, and it also helps them to surpass the average industry placement rate. This helps us to get our client content on more blogs with more publishers all over the Internet.

There are certainly teams that do not go through such a rigorous process. These teams will clearly make mistakes and they potentially include:

  • Mistake #1: the associate will pitch a writer that does not like the services or products that a client offers. The result will end up being a guest post that slams the client brand.
  • Mistake #2: the associate sends out a group of mass emails to publishers throughout the Internet that do not typically cover the campaign topic being pitched. This will unfortunately create a negative sentiment for the client brand because proper research wasn’t done.
  • Mistake #3: an uneducated associate reaches out to low-level publishers and the client campaign ultimately turns out to be a flop. This will secure much fewer pickups and much less engagement with the client’s campaign.

Blogger outreach is an important investment in gaining more exposure for a brand when it is done correctly. All in all, it is a practice that requires years of experience and fine-tuning in order to achieve great results. When trusting the experts at Youth Noise, you’ll have a much better and higher ROI for your efforts.

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