9 Life Changing SEO Tools to Help Double Your Traffic This Month

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If I told you that you had to get from one end of the country to the other, how would you do it?

Before you answer that, let me ask you another question.

How would you not do it?

You wouldn’t walk, right?

You probably wouldn’t harness up a horse and buggy, and you probably wouldn’t even take your car.

If you were smart, you would Uber over to the nearest airport and buy a plane ticket, simple as that.

airplane private jet businessman phone

And yet, if you were to ask most entrepreneurs what approach they would take to growing their traffic and their business, most of them don’t take the “airplane approach.”

They seem insistent on doing things the slow way and “walking” a thousand miles.

And I don’t mean like the Vanessa Carlton Song.

However, if you are ready to kick off your hiking boots, unharness your horses, put your car back in the garage and hop onto the next flight towards doubling your traffic

Then this is the article for you.

I am going to show you how using a few simple tools will change your business forever.

If you take advantage of these tools, you will be able to generate more traffic than you ever thought possible in record time.

So ladies and gentlemen, go ahead and grab your bags because Youth Noise flight 117, headed towards massive business success, is boarding.

1. Google Analytics

Honestly, putting Google Analytics on this list is almost overkill.

Nearly every online entrepreneur and marketer in the 21st century is already taking advantage of this powerful tool to grow their business and gain valuable insight into their traffic statistics.

However, for those of you who are not, stop what you are doing right now (after you finish this article of course) and start your Analytics account.

Google Analytics allows you to track every conceivable metric that you need to improve your ranking and increase the traffic to your website.


Seriously… Every conceivable metric, this is just the Google Analytics Dashboard.

From the highest performing backlinks generating the most visitors, to the user engagement on each page, to organic traffic generation, Google Analytics allows you to track it all.

If you can learn how to take advantage of this tool, you will quickly be able improve your traffic, user engagement, and search engine ranking… For free.

2. Moz.com’s Open Site Explorer

One of the greatest SEO tools available to the modern entrepreneur is moz.com.

Somehow, Moz has managed to combine a friendly UX and simple design with a plethora of impressive SEO tools that allow you to take your business to the next level.

Even if you decide that Moz premium is not worth the investment for your business, the free version still offers an incredible amount of value and several high end SEO tools.

The first — Open Site Explorer — will be the focus of this segment.

Open site explorer allows you to dive deep into the crevices of your web strategy and explore the content and link building opportunities that you are not currently taking advantage of.

You can track a variety of tests over a period of time to fully optimize your link profile and uncover new strategies for enhancing your ranking.

moz open site explorer screenshot

You can even “spy” on your competition to uncover exactly what strategies are working for their website and use this knowledge to build a more effective link building campaign for yourself.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there.

In addition to their open site explorer tool, Moz also gives you access to their Keyword Explorer and MozBar.

The Keyword Explorer helps you uncover the best keywords to target for your website so that you can quickly improve your ranking and create viral content.

MozBar, on the other hand, allows you to once again get in touch with your inner secret agent, don the James Bond tuxedo, and spy on other sites.

With MozBar, you can analyze the metrics of any site that you are visiting to uncover what is working for them and what is not.

iphone6 Google Search

With the combination of these three tools, you will be powerfully equipped to take over the world of SEO and launch your website to new heights.

3. Screaming Frog

So far you might be thinking, “Well, these tools are great, but my real struggle with ranking my site isn’t with content and links, it’s with technical SEO.”

Well, luckily for you, I have just the tool to solve all of your technical woes.

Screaming Frog (no, not the guy from the Muppets) is an SEO tool that is focused on on-page, technical SEO fixes to improve the rankability of your site.

Screaming Frog

Like Google Analytics and Moz, Screaming Frog comes with plenty of free tools that you can take advantage of as soon as you finish this article.

It allows you to find and fix missing or broken links on your site, ensure that your titles and metadata are up to date and optimize, and will even generate a free XML sitemap.

However, if you are a big spender (or an intelligent investor), the premium version of Screaming Frog clocks in at only $200 a year, making it one of the most affordable tools on this list.

4. Hootsuite

I can already see a couple of you scratching your heads in confusion.

Wait”, you’re saying “Isn’t Hootsuite a social media tool, not an SEO tool?

And to answer your question, yes, Hootsuite is a social media tool, however this does not mean it is not also useful for SEO.

You see, social media has become one of the most integral parts of optimizing your website ranking and generating massive amounts of traffic.

Without a strong social media presence, your company will slowly get cut down by its competition until you are like the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Your company will be on its last legs screaming “Come back you knaves, I can still fight!” as you sullenly sit back and watch your competitors walk away with all of your traffic.

However, if you want to be the King Arthur of the SEO world, slaying dragons and becoming the most respected Knight at the round table, then Hootsuite is your proverbial sword in the stone.

Hootsuite allows you to easily master and automate all of your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Instagram marketing.

Hootsuite will help you to create and execute effective campaigns that will expose your content and your brand to thousands of new eyes.

And once you have done that, your SEO success is all but guaranteed.

5. GTmetrix

User experience is often an underrated aspect of SEO performance.

People love talking about the importance of generating authority backlinks and developing killer content marketing campaigns, and who can blame them.

So do I.

But unless you have a solid UX none of these things will matter.

And one of the cornerstones of UX is your site’s speed.

You can put hours of effort and thousands of dollars into optimizing your SEO, but if users come to your site and are forced to wait through a 15 second page-load time, it was all a waste.

People simply don’t have the patience for websites that perform poorly.

With only two clicks and a couple of taps on the keyboard, they can easily find another resource equally as valuable as yours that loads within a reasonable time frame.

website speed

That’s why I love tools like GTmetrix.

GTmetrix gives you all of the tools that you need to enhance the speed of your website to ensure that you are maximizing the experience of your site for all of your users.

It allows you to diagnose potential problems, examine the current speed of your site, and uncover the biggest opportunities for shifting your website’s speed into fourth gear.

6. Ontolo

One of the worst parts of any link building campaign is the research.

Spending hours and hours of tediously developing a list of potential opportunities to pursue is enough to drive even the most ambitious entrepreneur a little insane.

But what if you never had to do any of that research again?

What if you had a tool that did it all for you?

Well, with Ontolo, you do.

Ontolo takes the burden of research from off of your shoulders and carries it on its own, developing a list of potential link building opportunities for you to go after.

You simply input the requisite information and Ontolo gets to work compiling a comprehensive list of opportunities.


So that means all you have to do is skim through the list and pick whichever links you think are most congruent with your business goals.

Now, if you are sitting back in your seat thinking that this may be too good to be true, wait just one second.

This tool doesn’t come without a price.

At $97 a month, Ontolo is not a minor investment for most business owners.

However, when you think about the free time that it will give you to devote to other parts of your business, the price becomes pretty marginal.

7. Ahrefs

Out of all of the tools on this list Ahrefs is one of my personal favorites.

The amount of value that it offers to experienced and beginning entrepreneurs alike is almost unparalleled by any other tool on this list.

Like Moz, it has an open site explorer that offers extremely detailed  backlink profiles for any website.that you select.

Whether that is your own site or a competitor’s.

Ahrefs links 1024x512

Ahrefs also comes with an impressive position tracking tool.

This gives you a comprehensive understanding of where your website stands in comparison to your competition.

And, as long as you are keeping a close eye on it, it allows you to gauge how effective your various tactics and campaigns have been in boosting your ranking.

Adding to the list of goodies at your disposal, Ahrefs also allows you to track keyword rankings and determine how well your content is performing.

And if that wasn’t enough, Ahrefs also gives you deep insights into your mobile performance with only the click of a mouse (or tap on the iPhone).

If that isn’t enough for you, don’t worry.

Ahrefs comes with a multitude of other SEO tools that will allow you to gain invaluable insights and transform your site from SE-NO to SEOMG. (corny, I know)

8. Google Trends

The final tool on our list is also the only tool that gives you magical powers.

You see, every entrepreneur who uncovers the hidden powers within Google Trends will immediately become clairvoyant.

Well, sort of.

While Google Trends doesn’t send you an Amazon shipment of crystal balls, scrying sticks, and tarot cards, it does give you an almost supernatural insight into current market trends.

It allows you to track current trends and get a jump on your competition by analyzing topics that have a rising interest level.

And while this is important in and of itself, where Google Trends really shines is in its ability to inform you of the subtleties of trend changes.

What do I mean by this?

Well, even though any given topic may remain relevant for a long period of time, the phrases that people use when discussing that topic may change.

This means that the keywords you will need to target and the language you will need to use within your content will have to change as well.

For example, in the past search engine optimization changed to SEO, e-mail changed to email, and user experience changed to UX.

By using Google Trends, you will be able to stay on top of all of these trends as they are happening and keep your business ahead of your competition.


If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, then you need to use every single tool at your disposal.

And if you want to succeed at SEO, you will use all of the 8 tools listed within this article to maximize your efforts and grow your traffic beyond what you ever thought possible,

So go out there, get to it, and in the infamous words of Jeremy Clarkson, become the fastest growing business … … … “In the world”

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